Soprano Siren: Community Alerting Tool

SOPRANO Design today announced the launch of SOPRANO Siren, its new community alerting tool.

The purpose of SOPRANO Siren is to provide communities such as schools, universities and local government authorities the means with which to rapidly disseminate urgent information. It achieves this by allowing communities to securely maintain a contact database of people who have subscribed to the service. It then allows an authorised person to broadcast a message to those subscribers via SMS and email.

The application has a wide range of uses including:

  • Emergency criminal events such as terrorist, riot impacts on public safety
  • Emergency natural events such as weather/fire alerts
  • Emergency services co-ordination
  • Community event reminders
  • Traffic updates
  • Service delays

“Our long experience in delivering messages rapidly to communities ensures our customers that when the service is required it is available,” said SOPRANO Design CEO, Dr Richard Favero.

SOPRANO Siren can be deployed under an Enterprise Licensing model or a ‘Software-as-a-Service’ model depending on the needs of the community.