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If you are looking for a quick response: YES, chatbots increase sales. But if you are here to understand how chatbots can help you close deals keep reading because we will explain to you the three main reasons every company are using chatbots for sales. In our recent article about why chatbots are used for … Read more

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We don’t have to keep a secret anymore! We have a renewed brand vision and a vibrant new look and feel. We love it! We can feel the renewed energy within Soprano, and we’ve honestly had a blast working on this.   This comes at the best possible time for us. We’ve just announced the addition … Read more

In a recent article in PR Newswire, Soprano Design’s Global Product and Marketing Vice President Matt Thompson discusses the advances in chatbots and artificial intelligence (AI) technologies and how they’re helping to deliver trusted messaging interactions that feel more human than ever before. The article shares Soprano Design’s enterprise mobile messaging predictions for 2020 and … Read more