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To stay ahead in the cut-throat financial services industry, firms need to digitally transform or they will perish. By embracing digital transformation, financial institutions can improve their overall performance, both in productivity and revenue. At Soprano we believe a successful digital transformation strategy aims to provide more meaningful interactions with employees, customers and other key … Read more

To support financial firms in their digital transformation efforts, we believe that success lies in the ability to create rich, engaging and meaningful interactions. Each of these interactions can be called a “Moment of Truth”. That moment that will either make or break a business. A moment of truth is crucial for digital transformation in … Read more

Digital Transformation in Finance The world of finance is undergoing a digital transformation. From how we collaborate to how we engage customers, radical leaps in technology has revolutionised how we interact and communicate with one another. A recent survey by the Hackett Group reported that 96% of financial institutions expect digital transformation to bring significant … Read more

The recent Sony Pictures data breach, in which hackers stole massive amounts of employee and corporate information, may be getting the limelight, but it’s not the only one — or even the latest in a long string of data thefts, hacks and breaches. Last month, Morgan Stanley experienced its own startling data breach: “Last summer, … Read more