The pandemic exposed the need for improving communication in the healthcare industry. While people have more demands and expectations, changing how we design

Digital transformation it’s not a new term for the healthcare industry. But during the pandemic, unique challenges emerged to solve new patients’ needs

COVID-19 has been transformative in many ways. But in others it has simply accelerated existing trends. Case in point: digital communication. While most

COVID-19 has brought us all together digitally. We’ve relied on digital communications like never before with family and friends, internally in the workplace,

There’s no better way to find out about a service than to hear real life stories about how other businesses, or in this

The strain of missed medical appointments is echoed worldwide. Patient no-shows lead to delays in treatment, longer wait times for appointments for other

You can probably think of five or 10 different workflows used in your own organisation off the top of your head. But when

According to a 2012 Medscape/WebMD survey, “33% of doctors spend over 10 hours a week on paperwork and administration.” That’s time you’re not