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We are excited to share we have expanded the scope of our ISO 27001 certification to continue selfguarding our customers’ data. In addition to being certified in Australia, New Zealand, Europe and UK, the certification scope now also covers Soprano’s operations in the US, LATAM and Asia. ISO 27001 is one of the leading international … Read more

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Healthcare Pagers, or beepers, have been a trusted ally to the healthcare industry for well over 60 years. The technology was developed back in the 1940s and by the time the ‘80s and ‘90s came, they were firmly clipped to the belts of clinicians. This small radio device is simple to use. It interrupts and … Read more

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Enterprises secure their buildings with locks and fences. They secure their networks with firewalls, and their data with passwords. But what about those mobile devices? Secure Mobile Messaging That’s where we come in. Our award-winning Soprano GAMMA secure business messaging solution for business has just achieved the elite Common Criteria security certification, an internationally recognised … Read more

Here are three ways government departments and councils around the world are taking advantage of secure mobile messaging along with bring-your-own-device (BYOD) policies to communicate more quickly and privately, send internal announcements, and allow contractors to work more efficiently. 1. Legislator communications One of our government clients is a state legislature in a large country. … Read more

Our world is changing fast. Today, more of us access the internet on our mobile devices than on PCs or laptops. The need for immediacy has never been greater. While businesses are discovering endless possibilities for mobiles, there are new productivity and security challenges. That’s where Soprano Design comes in. Founded in 1994, Soprano Design … Read more

A growing trend away from consumer apps to secure messaging apps is about to get a significant global boost as some of the world’s biggest software companies embed mobile payment platforms in their messaging applications.

Identity theft and hacking until now have been the main drivers for the enterprise and government sectors to move to secure messaging. But that is rapidly changing. And everyday transaction payment capabilities in secure messaging apps will be a key driver with the ubiquitous spread of the “app culture”.

Soprano Design, a world leader in developing secure messaging technology, told the OTT Summit in Sydney the introduction of payment apps in everyday business by banks and credit card companies is going to accelerate the introduction by the mobile messaging giants.

Soprano Design discusses secure messaging and the future of SMS and payment platforms at the Australian OTT Summit

“In the history of mankind, the strategic landscape has not changed as quickly as it is at the moment and in this messaging space it’s certainly accelerating,” the company representative said.

“As one of China’s biggest online companies, TenCent’s WeChat, moves successfully into the mobile market, acquiring hundreds of millions of users, they’ve already introduced payment capabilities into the mobile apps.”

He said the simple daily activities like paying for a coffee will be transacted using an app.

“I click the icon of the coffee shop as I would if I wanted to be friends with you, if we’re just going to chat, and I can then pay for my coffee in the actual messaging app,” he explained.

“They only launched it last year and they’ve got 200 million credit cards. Of 600 million, one-third have now put out their credit card, linked it to their messaging application and are using that to conduct transactions.”

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Who’s got the best messenger? It’s easy to claim you’re a leader in mobile messaging, but it’s another thing entirely to prove it. As we wrap up the year here at Soprano Design, we’re having no problem rising to the challenge. The latest entry in a line of folks discussing us online is a report … Read more

The Deloitte Technology Fast 50 list was just announced, and Soprano Design is proud to be recognized as one of Australia’s 50 fastest-growing tech companies for the second consecutive year. Image: Deloitte “The Technology Fast 50™ program celebrates technological innovation, entrepreneurship, leadership and rapid growth. Now in its fifteenth year, the Deloitte Technology Fast 50 … Read more