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Working with some of the world’s best organisations – national postal services, banks, airlines, large hospitals networks and mobile carriers – we get to see some pretty nifty business innovation. And we get the benefit of some insightful feedback and ideas for our own products. We always put our customer suggestions to work and we … Read more

According to a 2015 Silicon Valley Bank report, there will be more than 1 billion employee-owned smartphones and tablets in the workplace by 2018, each of them bringing in their own flavor of mobile messaging — everything from traditional email and SMS to wildly popular consumer apps like WhatsApp, Kik, and Facebook Messenger. As these … Read more

Image: kris krüg/Wikimedia Commons If you’ve got a smartphone or tablet, you’ve viewed a mobile website. From news to e-commerce, mobile webpages are ubiquitous. However, using the mobile web for enterprise forms and process optimization is risky. Mobile webpages are just as prone to security and other risks as those you view on your browser. … Read more

One employee in your organization just finished a task. Another employee just met a goal. Do you know how they did it? Every time you or your employees accomplish anything at work, you’re using a workflow. These workflows can get pretty complicated. There’s information coming in from multiple sources; many complex steps; areas that require … Read more