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Most businesses choose Email to communicate with their customers, but sometimes it’s not enough. The truth is that Email is so integrated into business communication that it is not going to be replaced soon. In the meantime, customers’ expectations are changing fast: 75% of people want to receive SMS from brands. So, what’s the solution? … Read more

Do you want to interact with your customers and employees through text messaging, but you are unsure how to do it? This article will explain the top SMS uses cases for Retail to help you understand how text messaging can boost your customer engagement and improve your logistics, staff training, and security. It’s a fact … Read more

If you’re reading this article, it’s because you already know that having a communication strategy is critical for your business. You also understand that there are many mobile channels to reach your customers, and you probably want to know which one is best for your business. Discover why you should stop thinking about SMS vs … Read more

A new year started, and every business seems to be looking to achieve the same: to create a great customer experience. But in 2022, to reach that long-awaited goal, organizations must go one step further and focus on what will really deliver results, sending SMS to customers. It’s no news that customer experience has become … Read more

What would your reaction be if we told you that 47% of bank consumers are not engaging with you the way you think they are? And what would you say if we told you that by simply integrating Mobile Messaging throughout your customer journey, you would be able to better engage with those potential customers? Read on to learn more.  The world is evolving … Read more

Chief Digital Officers (CDOs) today are tasked with creating digital customer experiences that enhance a bank’s brand, generate revenue and differentiate themselves from the competition. The pandemic fast-tracked digital transformation initiatives, and now CDOs need to determine which methods of engagement will take them into the future. Growth-focused banking CDOs have dual primary responsibilities: designing … Read more

A2P messaging (application-to-person messaging) is the process of sending mobile messages from a business application to a mobile user. These messages are also known as professional or enterprise messages. Considering almost 98% of text messages are opened, A2P messages are highly likely to be read – offering a cost-effective way for businesses to increase consumer … Read more

Soprano Design, a global leader in cloud-based enterprise messaging solutions, has renewed its strategic partnership with Vodafone New Zealand. Since Soprano and Vodafone began working together in 2016, demand for cloud-based mobile messaging services has continued to surge. In the past 12 months, the volume of messages sent by Soprano in New Zealand has doubled … Read more

PRNewswire have published an article featuring a new mobile application the Philippine Red Cross (PRC) has launched called RC143. The app is designed to help health authorities trace new COVID-19 cases. Smart is enabling its subscribers to download and use the mobile app free of data charges. An SMS broadcasting service has also been provided to the Philippine … Read more

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Text messaging has been around for the last 25 years and remains the only mobile channel that is handset and carrier-agnostic. You don’t need to download an app to receive messages, nor worry about iOS or Android compatibility. You also don’t have to worry which carrier the recipient is with.

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