Wireless Mobile Solutions Introduces Soprano Authenticator

Wireless & Mobile Solutions, Inc. (WMS), a leader in wireless technology marketing, has introduced a mobile solution to prevent phishing. Phishing is a $45B USD per annum issue that has become one of the most prevalent security problems in the banking industry worldwide. SOPRANO MobileAuthenticator, is one of the first mobile security layers to utilise mobile technology to validate consumers and protect online banking transactions. Colin Atobajeun CIO for WMS said: “Using this additional layer of security, the threat posed by phishing to the online banking industry can be reduced considerably.” Dr. Richard Favero CEO of SOPRANO Design added, “With the increase in phishing and overall fraud in the financial sector, banks can now provide their customers with a cost-effective, reliable and secure method of account and payment validation while continuing to provide a convenient, easy-to-use customer experience.”

SOPRANO’s MobileAuthenticator platform enables financial services organizations to exploit the power of the mobile data channel by integrating mobile handsets as part of the online service delivery. It allows the organization to dramatically improve operational security while simultaneously reducing operating costs. For customers it means an increase in financial flexibility, improved security and greater peace-of-mind. The SOPRANO MobileAuthenticator platform is fully extensible to the financial organisation’s requirements as well as customer demand. SOPRANO MobileAuthenticator supports a range of applications including: Internet Banking Login & Registration, Password Recovery & Reset, Document key management, Payment Authorization; and Customer Communications such as Alerts and Mobile Banking.