2020 Mobile Messaging Predictions: Is Artificial Intelligence AI Set to Dominate?

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In a recent article in PR Newswire, Soprano Design’s Global Product and Marketing Vice President Matt Thompson discusses the advances in chatbots and artificial intelligence (AI) technologies and how they’re helping to deliver trusted messaging interactions that feel more human than ever before.

The article shares Soprano Design’s enterprise mobile messaging predictions for 2020 and discusses how businesses are using bots and AI to solve resourcing and customer service problems by creating authentic, real-time conversations.

Amazon is a great example of a company really investing in bots and they’re starting to see real results. The way they use AI in departments such as tech support allows them to deliver excellent, human-like support without needing the human resources to provide around the clock support. Matt says, “Companies like Amazon are delivering real-time engagement rather than asynchronous conversations with customers. It has taken them years of experience, reliable partners and investment to deliver this level of authenticity.”

The PR Newswire article discusses exciting developments in not only SMS and voice channels but also in new mobile technologies such as WhatsApp Business and Google’s RCS on Android devices, both of which are also helping businesses drive interactive, two-way messaging.

Other enterprise predictions include increased focus on trusted communications; improved competitive advantage for businesses who embrace 5G and an ongoing focus on cybersecurity.

Despite rapid advances in technology, the one constant is the humble text. Matt Thompson says, “We take for granted that text messages work, but this underpins why SMS has become so trusted in business. SMS provides ubiquitous reach, unrivalled immediacy and response rates.”

A recent Gartner Digital Worker Survey found that 58% of respondents reported using real-time mobile messaging tools daily and 45% reported using social media daily.