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Asha Potla

Asha Potla is the Director of Product Development at Soprano Design. She has been working in the company since October 2018 and she is based in Sydney, Australia. She has experience in product management and marketing enterprise software. Do you want to read more articles written by Asha? Click below or visit her LinkedIn page.

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How to use automatic speech recognition in your communication strategy

Our API allows users to build, direct, receive, and design responses all with no code in a single platform. It launches faster by eliminating by reducing the amount of coding required as the voice content is created in-app, while our competitors APIs require developers to programmatically create & maintain the voice messages which slows down new initiatives & campaigns​. Soprano Connect enables you to rapidly create & maintain message voices & handle IVR responses without the need of a developer which causes lengthy change cycles​.


CPaaS Providers: Why Should I Choose Business-Led over Developer-Led?

As the importance of customer and stakeholder engagement increases, so too does the importance of communication platforms as a service (CPaaS). In this piece we hear from a number of Soprano’s resident experts, who share their knowledge on the two main types of CPaaS – developer-led and business-led – and offer clarity on the whats, whys and hows of each.


Why Your Business Needs Cloud Unified Communications

Cloud unified communications (or CPaaS platforms) are helping businesses to drive sales, reduce customer support costs and increase marketing ROI. A CPaaS provides an incredibly cost-effective solution to business communication problems. It enables rich insight into customer interaction and ensures communication cohesion across multiple channels.