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Mike Gannon

Mike Gannon is the Global Product Owner API Messaging at Soprano Design, he has been working for the company since August, 2012 and he is based in Manchester, United Kingdom. Mike is a natural hunter in developing new business, customers, products, markets and segments. Do you want to read more articles written by Mike? Click below to read more articles or visit his LinkedIn page.

Posts by Mike Gannon:


RCS vs SMS and Why You Should Use Both for Campaigns

Not many 80s technologies remain unchanged to this day. SMS is one exception, and in many ways continues to be as effective as ever. But its limitations are beginning to catch up with it. Let’s talk about the role that SMS might play as we enter the era of rich communication services or RCS.

The Growing Role Of Digital Communication In Customer Service

The Growing Role of Digital Communication in Customer Service

What does good customer service look like to you? At a broad level, the answer to that question is changing – and fast – with the help of digital communication. Until very recently, human contact was seen as the gold standard for customer service; ideally face-to-face, or over the phone where an in-person interaction wasn’t … Read more


What Is RCS Messaging All About?

Discover how RCS provides the rich message experience that modern consumers have come to expect, from a service that, like SMS messaging, is native to your inbox.