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A global financial institute improves response time and resolves IT incidents faster


Sector: Financial & Banking


A leading independent financial service provider based in the UK with over 800 employees located and operating throughout 14 regional offices worldwide. They offer wealth management services to individuals, corporations and private office and trust. The organisation’s incident management team previously communicated and coordinated emergency situations via emails, phone call or Voice mails.


Missed communications between offices in case of IT failure and emergencies, were effecting customers.

  • Distribution of teams across multiple countries globally and have to abide with different laws, jurisdictions and time zones.
  • Did not have a reliable and scalable solution that had the ability to deliver time sensitive messages globally.
  • Wanted an easy to use solution that required minimal training for all employees in region.
Bcp Soprano Rapidalert

The Results

Soprano’s RapidAlert allows their incident team to be prepared on time and communicate with the right on-call staff with ability to quickly send alerts during incident or IT disruption.  With RapidAlert the incident coordinators can pre-configure groups and templates ahead of time and be ready to send timely alerts in case of data center down or cyber attacks.

Managers are able to monitor in real-time whether a message was sent, delivered and responded to. If no response is received, they can quickly react by ‘Resending’ messages. In the event receipt or acknowledgement from any team member is not received in a timely matter, the system escalates to alternate contact paths allowing an ongoing communication between employees, manager and on-call first responders.

The Benefits

  • Allows managers to be prepared on time and contact the right on-call staff with ability to quickly send alerts during incident or IT disruption.
  • Keeps stakeholders and employees in all 14 regions informed during the IT resolution process .
  • Minimises risks associated with having downtime due to IT outages and keep businesses running smoothly.
  • Reliable ongoing communication between employees and IT managers and on-call responders. Initiate their prepared communication plans in seconds with a few simple clicks.
  • Stay in control, track status, and, enforce acknowledgements.
  • Assess performance with solid audit capabilities, allowing for real-time and post incident analysis.

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