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2020 Mobile Messaging Predictions: Is AI set to dominate?

In a recent article in PR Newswire, Soprano Design’s Global Product and Marketing Vice President Matt Thompson discusses the advances in chatbots and artificial intelligence (AI) technologies and how they’re helping to deliver trusted messaging interactions that feel more human than ever before. The article shares Soprano Design’s enterprise mobile messaging predictions for 2020 and … Read more

Soprano Design Launches Soprano Connect to Meet Demand for Greater Interoperability Across Enterprise & Social Mobile Messaging Platforms

Soprano Design have launched an upgraded omnichannel platform called ‘Soprano Connect’ now with WhatsApp and RCS Messaging. Soprano’s early adopter customers and telco partners in the USA, Europe, Asia Pacific and Australia are trialling the services across WhatsApp and Rich Communications Services (RCS) with global availability due end October. Soprano’s Company Founder and Chairman Dr. … Read more

Soprano Design Announces New Digital Channels to Meet Consumer Demand for Greater Interoperability and Interactivity Across Enterprise and Social Mobile Messaging Platforms

Soprano Design, a global leader in cloud-based enterprise messaging solutions has announced availability of Soprano Connect, its new digital interactive digital channels. Soprano Connect has been designed to meet customer demand for increased interoperability and two-way interactivity between enterprise and social messaging platforms. Soprano’s early adopter customers and telco partners in the United States, Europe, … Read more

Security First: Trusting The Digital Transformation In Education

Our Founder and Executive Chairman, Richard Favero recently shared his insights into the vital need for secure communication in education, in Education Central. Disruptive technologies like Artificial Intelligence (AI), collaboration tools, and cloud-based services are becoming the ‘norm’ in today’s digitally enabled classroom. In fact, the Edutech market in New Zealand is expected to grow … Read more

Soprano Announces Strategic Partnership with Leading Philippines Mobile Network Operator Smart Communications

Soprano Design, a global leader in cloud-based enterprise messaging solutions, has reached a strategic agreement with Smart Communications, the Philippines leading mobile network operator, to offer Soprano Enterprise Messaging Suite (MEMS) to Smart enterprise customers. In the Philippines, the Soprano messaging service will be branded Smart Messaging Suite. Currently, Smart controls nearly 50 per cent … Read more

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