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Our CEO, Richard Favero has shared Soprano Design’s recent insight into the shift in business behaviour during the COVID-19 pandemic, especially in regards to communication strategy and usage. The article has recently been published on Newsmaker. There has never been a more critical time for businesses and Governments to be able to deliver large volumes … Read more

Soprano Design’s Chief Technical Officer, Mohamed Odah is a member of Forbes’ Technology Council which is an invitation-only community for world-class CIOs, CTO and technology executives. Forbes have recently published an article written by Mohamed which approaches the topic of the new normal and how we’ve now entered a new era of communication. COVID-19 has … Read more

PRNewswire have published an article featuring a new mobile application the Philippine Red Cross (PRC) has launched called RC143. The app is designed to help health authorities trace new COVID-19 cases. Smart is enabling its subscribers to download and use the mobile app free of data charges. An SMS broadcasting service has also been provided to the Philippine … Read more

Soprano Design’s enterprise messaging platform, Soprano Connect provides a variety of communication channels such as SMS, Email, IP Messaging, Voice and WhatsApp. Most recently RCS, otherwise known as Rich Communication Services has been added to the portfolio. The updated platform now gives businesses and government organisations the option to reach out to key stakeholders using … Read more

Soprano Design are a global leader in providing cloud-based communications platform-as-a-service (CPaaS) solutions. We have recently launched an updated version of our successful omni-channel platform, Soprano Connect into our UK and European markets. An article published by PR Newswire discusses how our platform is being used to increase meaningful, trusted mobile interactions between enterprise and … Read more

Soprano Design’s VP of Global Product Marketing, Matt Thompson discusses how WhatsApp for Business, alongside other interactive communication channels, are set to increase the meaningful conversations brands are having with their customers in a new piece written by CFO Tech Australia. In the article, Matt shares that while SMS is still one of the most … Read more

In a recent article in PR Newswire, Soprano Design’s Global Product and Marketing Vice President Matt Thompson discusses the advances in chatbots and artificial intelligence (AI) technologies and how they’re helping to deliver trusted messaging interactions that feel more human than ever before. The article shares Soprano Design’s enterprise mobile messaging predictions for 2020 and … Read more

Soprano Design’s Global Product and Marketing Vice President, Matt Thompson discusses some of the biggest tech predictions of 2020 in CFO Tech Australia. When I think about the influential technologies that I believe will stand out in 2020, I keep coming back to the evolution of bots. My interaction with bot-like technology dates back more … Read more

Soprano Design have launched an upgraded omnichannel platform called ‘Soprano Connect’ now with WhatsApp and RCS Messaging. Soprano’s early adopter customers and telco partners in the USA, Europe, Asia Pacific and Australia are trialling the services across WhatsApp and Rich Communications Services (RCS) with global availability due end October. Soprano’s Company Founder and Chairman Dr. … Read more

Soprano Design, a global leader in cloud-based enterprise messaging solutions has announced availability of Soprano Connect, its new digital interactive digital channels. Soprano Connect has been designed to meet customer demand for increased interoperability and two-way interactivity between enterprise and social messaging platforms. Soprano’s early adopter customers and telco partners in the United States, Europe, … Read more