CIOs underestimate security risks from attacks on staffers & mobile smartphones and tablets

We’re talking enterprise messaging security this week over at Computerworld.  Soprano Design is noticing a strange trend as he discusses BYOD security with CIOs: Despite the rapid increase of security breaches at companies of all sizes all over the world, they’re not concerned.

“While moderating a CIO workshop recently, it was surprising to hear the assessments of attendees when it came to the question of secure messaging on mobile devices.

Industry figures estimate 43 per cent of companies globally had some kind of data breach in 2014, and we recently learned of a most spectacular hacking disaster at Sony Pictures, which reportedly cost the entertainment giant more than $100 million.

Yet, more than half the CIOs with whom I spoke didn’t feel it was important to ensure mobile devices — whether smartphones or tablets — were secure for messaging at all.”

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