Email2SMS for business: 4 benefits of sending texts via Email


Most businesses choose Email to communicate with their customers, but sometimes it’s not enough. The truth is that Email is so integrated into business communication that it is not going to be replaced soon. In the meantime, customers’ expectations are changing fast: 75% of people want to receive SMS from brands. So, what’s the solution? Add Email2SMS to take advantage of the benefits of both Email and SMS.

Customers want interactive, engaging, and real-time communications in the channels they are already using. Businesses must adapt to these new needs and expectations to continue subsisting.

According to statistics, business mobile messaging is here to stay.

  • 2/3 of consumers think businesses should use SMS more.
  • 3.5 trillion business messages will be sent in 2023.

So, if you are using Email as a fundamental part of your marketing and communication strategy, it’s okay. But it would be best to empower it with other mobile channels, like SMS, to take full advantage of them.

We have already explained what it is Email to text and best practices to use it well. Now, we will focus on this solution’s tangible benefits.

First, let’s take a look at some reasons for sending texts via Email:

  • The reply time of the Email is around 90 minutes.
  • The reply time of SMS is about 90 seconds.

  • Email open rate 20%
  • SMS open rate 95%


Benefits of Email2SMS for businesses

  • Email2SMS reduce costs. Email is indeed cheap. But you should consider that there is a high risk of ending up in the spam folder or being ignored. That’s why most companies end up calling their customers to communicate important or time-sensitive messages.

    In the end, combining Email and voice calls wastes time, money and effort.

    Email2SMS is a much more cost-effective channel. You can use your email adress to send SMS to more than 1.000 customers in just a few seconds, and you will know that they will read it almost immediately – SMS has a 95% success rate!
  • Email2SMS is timesaving. Do you or your team call clients daily to remind them of appointments or payments? With an Email to SMS solution, you will not only save money, but you will also save time. With just a few clicks, you can use your computer to send an SMS to your customers directly to their SMS inbox.

    Tell me, what option do you prefer?

    Op1. Call your clients or patients during working hours to remind them of their appointments.

    Op2. Send automated text messages directly via your Email with the crucial information. “Reminder: Your appointment is 03-06-2022 at 13:00”.

    I’m sure both you and your customers will always choose option 2.
  • Email2SMS enhances your productivity. As I mentioned before, the reply time of the Email is around 90 minutes vs 90 seconds for SMS. If you are lucky, customers will respond to your Email the same day – if they see it in their full inbox.

    The benefits of SMS are great. One of them is its immediacy. You can have 2-way conversations with your audiences in real-time and solve issues in a few minutes.
  • Email2SMS is super easy to integrate. No staff training. No development from your side. No need to learn anything new. Soprano’s Email2SMS solution can be integrated into your existing systems, databases, or applications.

    Thanks to our robust SMTP API, you can use your existing business email address to send and receive SMS messages.

email to sms

Email2SMS real use case: This is how it works

A retailer asked us to help add a mobile messaging channel to their messaging strategy because they needed help collecting payments.

They had a model that allowed customers to finance large orders of sporting goods, and they were struggling to get responses from people when they emailed them about collecting payments.

They contacted Soprano because they wanted to try SMS to do that. They asked us to integrate their communications with their payment tracking tool.

Our team understood their unique needs and proposed to them our Email to SMS solution, so they can continue using their tool to send text messages directly to their customer’s SMS inboxes.

Thanks to our SMS Gateway API, they can continue using their existing email client to send and receive messages via SMS to an email gateway.

Without training or high development, now this retailer is sending automated reminders and initiating 2-way conversations to facilitate payments. The result? Shoot up engagement and reply rate.

Do you want to know more about Email2SMS solution? Our team would love to talk with you.