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Enterprise Messaging Workflows for Hospitality

Communication across the customer service industry is vital to success. Today we look at a hotel and how Soprano GAMMA messaging workflows can give your teams an unfair advantage.

Teams are an essential part of any organisation. Effective communication enhances the performance of teams, improves workplace relationships and minimize risks.

Our mobile messaging solution for business connects seamlessly with your existing systems to create powerful conversation like workflow processes. Whether it’s securely and discretely tracking or pre-empting VIP guests during their time on premises, or supporting your staff during a critical incident; you can be sure that compliance standards are being met by taking advantage of a bespoke solution that is pushed out to your employee’s devices.

The possibilities are endless: Announcements, reservations, checklists, order forms, reports, payroll and, HR processes across any industry can be re-imagined to save your organisation time, money, and effort.

Soprano GAMMA is a secure enterprise mobile messaging app, with a consumer-friendly user interface and productivity tools for improving business efficiency. You can empower your teams to be more effective and deliver a superior customer experience.

GAMMA is an enterprise messaging solution that will provide limitless possibilities for workflow automation and business process improvement through its unique “workflow messaging” capability that enables messages with forms, buttons, and menus to enable system automation and replace error-prone typing.



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