Enterprise Messaging Workflows for Transport & Logistics

When there are unplanned changes to a schedule, every second counts.

It is critical that all of your key stakeholders are notified clearly and quickly.

Traditionally this process requires staff to access two or three databases or programs, and then make countless phone calls and emails to get the message across. Each minute spent calling, typing, changing, and negotiating adds up and costs the company in productivity.

By automating the process, you ensure that a clearer, consistent message gets through and begin to see savings in time and labor cost across the organisation.

It’s estimated that at least 3,000 hours are lost per year across the transport and distribution industry through inefficient workflow processes and communication methods.

Organisations that still rely heavily on email risk wasting time, money, and energy by sending critical communications through a medium that simply does not have the same reach or effectiveness as mobile messaging.

This is where Soprano GAMMA can help.

GAMMA is centrally managed on a cloud platform, with a sophisticated hierarchical enterprise administration portal that enables permissions-based corporate use. GAMMA intelligently escalates to SMS when a user is offline, and allows team messaging with rich multimedia conversations wrapped in three layers of security.

GAMMA can be used to unlock limitless possibilities for workflow automation and business process improvement through its unique “workflow messaging” capability that enables messages with forms, buttons, and menus to enable system automation and replace error-prone typing.