Workflow Messaging for Business Productivity

Uniquely designed to use mobile messaging to address workflow inefficiency

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Key Features

Let GAMMA Transform Your Workflow

introducing Rapidalert

Custom Application Development: Workflow and Productivity Reimagined Mobile messaging should have always been this useful. SOPRANO GAMMA allows you to create customised forms that are delivered as messages with menus, buttons, and drop-down lists that replace the need for traditional texting.

Our UI includes one-touch audio clip messaging that’s as simple as holding down the mic button and speaking until you’re done. With the touch of a button, users can click, record, or respond to complex messages that used to take several minutes to type and send.

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Achieve Global Reach & Last-Mile Coverage

Transition to secure mobile messaging without losing the ubiquitous reach of SMS texting. IP messaging provides a rich, encrypted, and interactive experience for mobile users anywhere in the world a data connection can be established. But when users aren’t online, SOPRANO GAMMA responds by sending domestic or international SMS texts to offline users.

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Automated Workflows With APIs

Add new interactive capabilities to your existing systems with our rich HTTP/S and SMTP APIs. Features such as IP broadcast notification with SMS messaging fallback, multimedia, and encryption can now be automated and integrated to create exciting new use cases for financial institutions, healthcare, retail, IT, education, government, and more!

Popular API Integrations

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GAMMA Secure Messaging Features

Collaborative Team Messaging

Advanced App Encryption

Data audits and message log reporting

Admin controls & Reporting

Embedded Mobile Workflows

Pin-protected Application

Vanishing messages & Remote Wipe

API System Integration & Automation