Keeping Customers Engaged When Introducing An Integrated App Strategy

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Soprano Design’s VP of Global Product Marketing, Matt Thompson discusses how WhatsApp for Business, alongside other interactive communication channels, are set to increase the meaningful conversations brands are having with their customers in a new piece written by CFO Tech Australia.

In the article, Matt shares that while SMS is still one of the most popular forms of communication for businesses to use because of its speed, ease and inclusivity; businesses are starting to find that they can maximise results by spreading their communication strategy across several platforms.

Consumers want to hear from brands on the channels they’re already using to chat with friends and family. This new shift in consumer behaviour is pushing businesses to make changes in the way they communicate. Businesses across numerous industries are beginning to branch out from the trusty SMS and discover a variety of other social channels available, such as Google’s rich communication services (RCS), Facebook’s WhatsApp Business and Apple Business Chat.

Savvy businesses understand engaging with customers in their own environments brings more engaging, meaningful conversations. Matt discusses 4 key areas to acknowledge when developing your integrated app strategy in the article. He covers how to choose the right channel and the right tone for your customer base, permission pitfalls, choosing the right partner and how rich media truly is on the rise.

To discover these four areas in depth, you can read the full CFO Tech Australia article here.