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How to Improve Employee Engagement with an all-in-one Communication Solution

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Customer-facing positions have a high turnover when employees are unable to provide a satisfying customer experience, and become burdened with angry and frustrated customers. This leads to disengaged employees who don’t represent your brand well, and always end up wanting to leave.
Category: Mobile Messaging
Subject: Digital Transformation, Engagement
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Author: Jane White

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About Jane White

Jane White is a Product Marketing Manager with a passion for taking multidisciplinary input and turning it into simple, resonating deliverables. As Soprano's PMM, Jane has focused on in-app messaging, sales research, training, and go to market strategies. She has been working for Soprano since February 2020 from Seattle. Do you want to read more articles written by Jane? Click below or visit her LinkedIn page.

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how to improve employee engagement

A great customer experience leads to happy customers – and customers who are satisfied are key to ensuring that your customer-facing employees enjoy their work and remain engaged.

The reality is that there is a high turnover in customer-facing positions because dealing with poorly executed customer interactions and serving angry, frustrated customers is a huge burden, and quickly leads to disengaged employees.

With this in mind, it’s critical to ensure that customer service teams are able to interact with customers in the most effective and positive way. Businesses must make customer interactions as seamless and positive as possible by giving teams the right tools to provide the tailored and attentive service today’s customers expect. Likewise, there must be a focus on cultivating satisfied employees who are committed to providing that exceptional level of service.

Making employee engagement a priority

Just as you can’t expect an employee to stay engaged if their customer interactions are largely negative, you can’t expect a good customer experience if the employee providing the service or selling the product doesn’t believe in the company they’re representing.

In light of this, it’s imperative to take steps to maximize employee engagement, including:

  • Building a collaborative and rewarding workplace culture in which employees are recognized, listened to and supported in their career development.
  • Ensuring employees understand the products or services they deliver and how they are delivered.
  • Listening to employees about how they can make improvements to their own work lives, and following up on that feedback with meaningful changes.
  • Providing technology tools that enable satisfying, productive and positive interactions with customers.

Once you have this framework in place, employee engagement naturally improves and as a result, so too will customer experiences.

Personalizing the customer experience

Trends in customer service show that delivering a top-tier personalized service for customers is a competitive necessity. Simply put, highly personalized customer experiences make a customer’s life easier. It is no longer enough just to communicate clearly and deliver your product or service well. You also have to proactively serve customers with journeys, communications, and offerings that are specific to them.

You have to really know the customer, anticipate their needs and understand which service or product will fit them best. The aim is to gain their trust and make them feel like you and your team can be relied on.

It’s worth noting that volume often prohibits one-to-one ongoing relationships between a customer service agent and a customer. In this case, customer service agents can use data to contextualize their interactions with customers. This means the customer doesn’t have to repeatedly brief customer service agents every time they interact with the business, which results in a more positive experience for both the customer and the employee.

Improving employee engagement and the customer experience with technology

At Soprano, we empower businesses to improve their customer experience by making communication easy between customers and companies. We employ multiple channels including SMS, RCS, and WhatsApp to help companies have more meaningful and faster communication with their customers.

Soprano’s customer service CPaaS suite allows agents to see a full history of customer interactions in a single chat-like view. This feature, called Conversations, allows agents to speak to customers at any time with the full knowledge of their inquiries, purchases, history with the business, and more. This feature gives agents the ability to pick up conversations where they left off with anyone, and deliver service through a preferred channel.

These tools not only provide a seamless customer experience, but also give employees the confidence they can deliver a high-quality service to customers even in high-volume settings.

Learn more about Soprano’s CPaaS platform suite here.