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How to leverage the power of mobile customer engagement

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Customers are on the move and in this fast-paced world, organizations need to leverage the power of mobile customer engagement to reach their audiences in effective and productive ways.
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Subject: Mobile Marketing, Omnichannel
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Author: Matthew Rawbone

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About Matthew Rawbone

Matthew Rawbone is the Asia Regional Sales Director at Soprano Design. He has been working for the company since October, 2020 and he is based in Singapore. His responsibility is to drive the strategic sales direction and achievement of demanding sales and revenue targets through a team of great performers, coaching and implementing innovative sales and marketing strategies. Do you want to read more articles written by Matthew? Click below or visit his LinkedIn page.

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how to leverage the power of mobile customer engagement

As populations embrace remote working, mobile customer engagement has become increasingly important for businesses. This has been especially true in light of COVID-19. Customers are on the move more than ever, and for many, everything they need is on their phone. Mobile is the medium most people are most comfortable with, so organisations should be using it to engage with their customers and connect with them directly, wherever they are.

As with all customer communication, there is a need to strike the balance between being helpful and interesting without causing annoyance. Following is a quick guide on how to ensure you are leveraging mobile customer engagement in the most effective and productive way, and how Soprano can help your organisation make the most of a CPaaS tool.

Making automated communications as engaging as human communication

The number of smartphone users worldwide today surpasses three billion, a level that is forecast to grow by several hundred million over the next few years.

Mobile communication now encompasses SMS, RCS, IP Messaging, WhatsApp, Viber, Voice messaging, omnichannel marketing, and more. The options for engaging with customers, employees and citizens in meaningful ways are proliferating, and the organisations who focus on digital experience are gaining advantages by leveraging the newest capabilities in these channels.

However, though mobile is a key communication channel, it is not a full replacement for human interaction. For this reason, it’s important to take measures to humanise the contact and avoid losing the customer’s attention. The use of emojis for example, brings a human touch to text-based conversations.

Additionally, personalised content is key, and it is important to understand the preferences of the audience we are interacting with–for instance, I personally prefer a quick chat over SMS to talking to someone on the phone, but you may prefer a quick call. I recomment to think about how you’re build out your omnichannel marketing strategy with that in mind.

Also, relevance is absolutely essential. Ultimately, we need to ensure we are providing content that is of interest to the customer, and is delivered at the right time, with appropriate frequency, and ideally with just the right amount of helpful information and with capabilities that lead to further interaction and engagement.

A Communications Platform as a Service (CpaaS) with omnichannel functionality is an ideal solution used by leading organisations for designing customer engagement in a mobile context. A powerful CpaaS solution enables organisations to reach large numbers of customers in a variety of channels, and maximises control over the experience and provides ways of ensuring we’re not overloading customers on only one channel.

Embracing mobile customer engagement with Soprano’s Communications Platform

Our team at Soprano is all about facilitating trusted mobile interactions and to gain that trust, businesses need to really understand their customers and engage with them at the right time. Most importantly, they need to have conversations that add value to their customers, and help them to meet the challenges of their own lives or businesses.

We work with over 13 channel partners globally and strategic carriers in Asia including Starhub, Celcom and SMART. We provide a full suite CpaaS solution that helps businesses in their day-to-day operations.

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