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What is RCS Messaging?

Rich Communication Services (RCS) is a mobile messaging protocol enabling a more interactive messaging experience than traditional plain-text SMS messages.
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Author: Matt Thompson

Rich Communication Services (RCS)

Rich Communication Services (RCS) is a mobile messaging protocol and standard championed by the GSM Association (GSMA) for many years and is now becoming adopted by many of the world’s leading device manufacturers and mobile network operators to enable new user experiences on mobile devices.

RCS messages can deliver a more interactive mobile text messaging experience than traditional plain-text SMS messages. For example, consider a simple survey question. Unlike an SMS message, which would require a mobile user to type their survey question response, an RCS message survey question can include a few interactive buttons that the mobile user can simply press to respond. This dramatically improves and simplifies the mobile user experience, reduces the chance for errors when responding, and because the buttons can be coded with standard response language, it makes it much easier to compile responses into a rollup view for the surveyor.

… and that’s just one example. There are many more interactive capabilities that an RCS can enable beyond buttons, depending on the device’s capabilities and the application’s RCS version implementation. RCS can enable:

  • Interactive buttons
  • Include multimedia such as video, images, and audio
  • Carousel-style cards of information that can be scrolled horizontally on the screen, which can be used to present menus of products for purchase, selections of news topics, and a myriad of other uses
  • Integration with other applications, such as mapping
  • Chat bot integration

The GSMA RCS standard is called the Universal Profile, which has been updated with several versions. Devices shipped by manufacturers who support RCS are typically shipped with the latest RCS Universal Profile version, and when new versions are released by the GSMA, the RCS version on the device can often be upgraded to the latest RCS Universal Profile version through a software update.

What Is Rcs Messaging

In order to take full advantage of the RCS Universal Profile capabilities installed on the mobile devices by manufacturers, businesses can turn to Communication Platform as a Service (CPaaS) providers who offer an RCS template building capability.

Soprano Connect includes an RCS visual builder application that can help a business or government organization to accelerate into a more interactive and engaging mobile messaging experience. Soprano’s RCS capability combines with its powerful and proven platform capabilities to deliver RCS with security, compliance, privacy and necessary administrative controls.