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Soprano mPay

Transfer Money Easily And Securely

Payment Solutions

mPay enables people to transfer money person-to-person (P2P) or person-to-business (P2B) through their mobile handsets or through a web interface.

The receiver of the transferred funds is identified by the sender via the receiver’s email address or mobile phone number.

The service provider delivers the mPay service to the senders and receivers. A single mPay application can host multiple service providers, each offering potentially competing services.

Soprano’s Mobile Commerce Platform (Soprano MCP) facilitates the authorization of the (multicurrency) debit and credit transactions which execute the mPay transfers. SOPRANO MCP provides the mPay service with well-defined and secure access to the sender’s and receiver’s server-stored wallet.

Soprano mPay offers a full range of features which can be divided into the following groups: Service Provisioning & Transfers Processing.

  • SECURE The Soprano mPay provides a level of security that is appropriate for the transfer volumes to provide privacy, integrity, authentication and non-repudiation .
  • MAXIMIZES REVENUE A single instance of Soprano mPay can support multiple mPay services from different service providers. Maximise market potential by supporting the majority of devices .
  • SOLID INVESTMENT The Soprano mPay is designed to support multiple account types, including stored value accounts, providing the opportunity to efficiently support micro-transactions .
  • MINIMAL EFFORT The Soprano mPay is designed to minimize the provisioning effort. Secure certified Internet access to the provisioning functions allows merchants and users to self-provision their services .

Usage Examples

Our three most popular use cases are listed below.


Payments for auctions, garage sales, etc.


Payments to merchants.


International transfers.