Product Announcement – Summer 2019 Release

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Summer 2019 Product Release Announcement

We are delighted to announce the General Availability of Summer 2019 release of Soprano Mobile Enterprise Management Suite.

This launch is a key milestone to deliver on our key business objectives and enables improved support for customers in the LATAM and EMEA regions; this release also includes exciting new functionality that enhances our product capabilities by adding voice as a new channel of communication and introduces a powerful enhancements to our API integration capabilities.

The Summer 2019 release includes:

Localisation: MEMS portal is now available in three languages: English, Spanish and Portuguese. The portal renders itself in the default language of the user’s browser and the default language can be changed with a simple setting under the personal information section.

Voice: MEMS is now capable of providing outbound and inbound voice services. Customers can send and receive simple IVR Responses, create and manage flexible message templates via call control objects; and the product now supports text-to-speech conversion and audio file up to 90 seconds in duration. We also added support to handle Interactive Voice Recognition (IVR) responses whereby customers can design and control IVR logic. Voice functionality is also available as an API that allows customers to automate their business processes by leveraging Voice API. A single Voice API request can initiate outbound voice call and process IVR logic using Inbound voice service.

Template API: This API is designed for enterprise customers to develop personalized SMS message campaigns. It allows customers to create and maintain flexible SMS templates.

Minor enhancements and bug fixes: We introduced minor enhancements such as adding validity parameters to Rapid Alert messages and the REST API, we improved MEMS security with email address enumeration and brute force protection, and we added some API documentation updates and fixed bugs.

Soprano products are used by leading Global Fortune 500, enterprise and government organisations to get their important messages out efficiently. For example a leading health service sends over 5 million notifications per day and an automotive business sends over 400 million messages per year from the platform.