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Solving Pandemic Communications Response – ACOMM Award Win

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Companies have been perfecting how to tell consumers how good they are for centuries. One thing continues to ring true and carries a lot more weight – it’s more effective when someone else sings your praise.

A few nights ago, Australia’s Communications Alliance held their annual ACOMM awards ceremony to highlight the nation’s best telecommunications innovations and companies.

Soprano Design won the award the Best Mobile Solution for 2021.

Unlike most awards, the ACOMMs are highly contested and only capture true communication innovations and outcomes.

The pandemic dictated the need for healthcare organisations and governments to interact with their patients and citizens promptly and meaningfully. Our role in how we enabled them to communicate effectively equipped the public with education about the vaccine/disease, appointment scheduling, government updates and how businesses have shifted – all through mobile messaging.

While we love to solve problems, we love to be a part of a bigger solution that goes beyond creating just another SMS use case. We love to help solve the world’s communication problems.

Soprano paints the bigger vision of what communications could look like and then builds incredible solutions with quality expertise to solve these issues. Our communications role with the pandemic was one of our biggest solutions, but it wasn’t our first and it certainly won’t be our last.

We’re thankful for the incredible recognition by ACOMMs to highlight our work with the pandemic response through mobile messaging.

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