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Soprano Design Unveils New RCS Capabilities for Campaign Communication

June 18, 2021, Sydney – Soprano Design, a global communications platform-as-a-service (CPaaS) leader, today announced new capabilities for its RCS channel and customers to enable campaigns with little friction and compatibility with mobile network operators.

As the shift to more mobile communication continues, customers and citizens can experience a richer, more interactive medium to connect with their favorite brands and agencies. Everyday use cases like appointment reminders, utilising mobile-only retail sales promotions and customer service surveys are becoming more adopted as humans centre their communications to their smart devices.

RCS is set to reach almost five billion users in the next eight years and reach approximately 61 percent of global smartphone users, according to Out There Media’s “RCS: The game changer the industry has been waiting for” report.

The new automatic routing capability of RCS combined with relations with mobile operators in EMEA and LATAM regions, enables Soprano to be an RCS aggregator in those regions. Soprano partners can rely on industry-best delivery rates as the system intelligently routes the RCS traffic to the right network.

The RCS messaging channel additionally supports device capability verification that allows customers to detect the device’s RCS capability to decide to send an RCS or SMS fallback. For reminders, alerts, notifications, confirmations and ticket updates, recipients with devices not reachable by RCS will receive a “fallback” SMS message so no critical update goes unfulfilled.

“It’s inspiring to see organisations be creative in how they connect with their customers in an interactive way,” said Asha Potla, Senior Product Manager at Soprano Design. “We know this is only the beginning of RCS’s potential and we’re excited about our future product roadmap to increase its adoption globally.”

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