Soprano Design Presents a New API for Fraud Prevention and Detection

Tuesday, December 13th, 2022 – Soprano Design

Soprano Design, a global communications platform-as-a-service (CPaaS) leader, has released a new Fraud Detection and Prevention Service API for their enterprise messaging suite Soprano Connect.  

Soprano’s latest update gives customers the ability to protect their message recipients from increasingly sophisticated forms of fraud, including call forwarding, SIM swap, and roaming intercept fraud.  

With this new update, Soprano customers will be able to set a “risk threshold” on their account that will filter messages above the threshold. Our solution uses algorithms to assess every interaction passing through the Soprano platform against parameters set by the customer.  An example would be, “Send OTP only to destinations with a risk less than Y”. This is critical for sensitive data such as OTPs, health notifications (like appointments, medical adherence, results), finance notifications (like credit card usage, fraud detection), or sensitive government notifications.  

We are rolling out functionality globally, with full availability already available for UK, Australia, Spain, Germany, France, Italy, Ireland and Greece.  

As fraudsters increase their attacks on mobile messaging systems around the world, Soprano is working to reduce our customers’ exposure to risk and proactively protect their end users from popular methods of mobile device fraud. Earlier this year the US FBI issued a PSA warning about the increase of SIM Swapping schemes. In 2021, the FBI received 1,611 SIM swapping complaints with adjusted losses of more than $68 million. 

“Soprano is serious about protecting our customers from security breaches and perpetuation of fraud. With this update to our Fraud Detection and Prevention Service we are making it more difficult for bad actors to manipulate the recipients of our customers’,” says Dr. Richard Favero, CEO and Chairman of Soprano Design. “We know that the organisations using Soprano Connect will feel safer with these enhancements.”  

In addition to the new suite of services, Soprano released their latest whitepaper, Protecting Your Enterprise from the Next Generation of Mobile Fraud Schemes. The whitepaper details the cost of fraud for businesses, various fraud types and most importantly, how to protect your data from the latest fraud scheme. 

Soprano Design unleashes the communications potential of our enterprise and government customers. Our technology, processes and people design and use the latest mobile and AI technology to design communications that assure positive emotional experiences for customers and citizens. 

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