Soprano Founder Recognised in Prestigious EY Entrepreneur Awards

Soprano Design EY entrepreneur award


We’re really proud of our founder Richard Favero who has been named as a regional winner (Eastern Region) in the prestigious national EY Entrepreneur of The Year program.

The EY Entrepreneur of The Year is global and recognises, in each participating country, the spirit and contribution of individuals who see things beyond the horizon, before anyone else does, to help shape the future.

Richard has always had his eye on the future of technology, in a mobile world, to find ways people can communicate with each other better.

Wind the clock back 10 years and Richard led a team that innovated and introduced the ‘one time password’ into Australia. Today this is a mainstay of banking and for many other consumer interactions.

Safety and security in mobile communications remain central to Richard’s thinking. Richard has spearheaded Soprano’s efforts to build world class secure enterprise messaging solutions that provide tangible ways for businesses to be more productive. The whole team here is excited to be playing a part in this technology revolution.

It’s a great story of passion and perseverance (as you can see, we’re thrilled for Richard) and we wish him the best as one of five Australian innovators now being considered for the top national award.