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You probably already know that customer experience is critical to meeting your company’s objectives. However, improving customer experience can be challenging if you don’t have the right tools. Your customers have changed the way they interact with your company. The advance of technology, the migration to the digital environment and the varied comber of communication … Read more

You are here to read about why is it essential to deliver consistent messaging across channels. But first I have two questions for you. Do you buy products or services the first time you visit a company website? Surely not. Instead, do you research on Google, check customer reviews, read some blog posts and start … Read more

Think about two brands that you like so much that you usually recommend them to your friends. Undoubtedly, they have things in common. Maybe, it’s their real-time customer support, their easy and intuitive buying process, or products/services that always meet your expectations. Well, what they have in common is a good Customer Experience. Nowadays, improving … Read more

Customer disengagement and customer churn are usually two faces of the same problem – not fulfilling the customer’s expectations. The most common reasons for this are not being flexible enough, looking purely at short-term gains, and basing a business on being a simple commodity, which makes you easily replaceable. Omni-channel Marketing is definitely the greatest … Read more

Rethinking Engagement In The New Normal

In the past few weeks people have been glued to their mobile devices more than ever. There have been critically important breaking news stories about the COVID-19 global pandemic happening almost hourly, and most businesses have now moved to full remote working status. This ‘new normal’ as we all adapt to living and working in self isolation highlights the mission critical role that technology leadership must play in this new world.  One where the need and ability to communicate remotely has never been more important for all of us.

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An omnichannel communications platform is a multi-channel approach to marketing, selling and serving customers in a way that creates an integrated and solid customer experience. It ensures no matter how, where or when a customer reaches out, you’re available.   There are so many benefits of moving towards an omnichannel approach and we’ve chosen our … Read more

Omnichannel communication is a multi-channel approach to marketing, selling and serving customers and it is fast becoming a must in today’s business world as the benefits are realised. Omnichannel customer experience has been found to boost business success and with a younger target market quickly emerging within the workplace, it’s more important than ever for … Read more

Whether in work or play mode, technology is becoming more integrated into our everyday lives. Our shopping, working and researching habits are constantly adapting as new technology is discovered and developed. How many accounts do you sign into each day? Counting social media, sales and marketing platforms and apps to manage your workload, I guess … Read more

Generation Z (born 1998 to 2008) grew up in a digital world and now that they’re starting to enter the workplace, they’re bringing a new demand for omnichannel buying experiences.