Are your text messages as secure as you think? With the growing reliance on texting for sensitive business communication, it’s more important than

Cybercriminals are changing their tactics much faster than they used to, and the finance industry is one of their main targets. This article

Threat actors are increasingly targeting enterprises and exploiting vulnerabilities to gain access to sensitive information and systems. As more businesses choose mobile communication

Your customers and employees have crucial information on their smartphones. Therefore, a scam such as SIM swapping can have costly consequences not only

63% the world’s workers use their mobile phone at work. BYOD fosters productivity and collaboration amongst teams. However, it also opens a huge

  In this week’s Business Review section of The Australian, Soprano discusses the growing appetite by government organisations for independently audited mobile-messaging software

Working with some of the world’s best organisations – national postal services, banks, airlines, large hospitals networks and mobile carriers – we get

Enterprises secure their buildings with locks and fences. They secure their networks with firewalls, and their data with passwords. But what about those

We’ve released version 3.2 of Soprano GAMMA, our award-winning encrypted mobile messaging application platform for designed specifically for business team collaboration and messaging

Soprano’s role in providing secure mobile messaging to the logistics and transportation industries landed us a feature article in Logistics & Materials Handling