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63% the world’s workers use their mobile phone at work. BYOD fosters productivity and collaboration amongst teams. However, it also opens a huge hole that can make information vulnerable. One of IT Administrators major concerns is information security. With more employees using their personal devices, expensive security breaches are also rising. Whilst information security should … Read more

  In this week’s Business Review section of The Australian, Soprano discusses the growing appetite by government organisations for independently audited mobile-messaging software that adhere to global security benchmarks. The ability to automate communications and to further integrate mobile messaging into existing business processes is driving innovation, but as a result mobile security has become … Read more

Working with some of the world’s best organisations – national postal services, banks, airlines, large hospitals networks and mobile carriers – we get to see some pretty nifty business innovation. And we get the benefit of some insightful feedback and ideas for our own products. We always put our customer suggestions to work and we … Read more

Enterprises secure their buildings with locks and fences. They secure their networks with firewalls, and their data with passwords. But what about those mobile devices? Secure Mobile Messaging That’s where we come in. Our award-winning Soprano GAMMA secure business messaging solution for business has just achieved the elite Common Criteria security certification, an internationally recognised … Read more

We’ve released version 3.2 of Soprano GAMMA, our award-winning encrypted mobile messaging application platform for designed specifically for business team collaboration and messaging system integration. Dedicated workflows tab Say hi to the Workflows tab, where all your workflows are listed in one easy to find spot. The Workflow display has been completely refreshed with a … Read more

Soprano’s role in providing secure mobile messaging to the logistics and transportation industries landed us a feature article in Logistics & Materials Handling Magazine, Australia’s leading logistics and supply chain website. The article discusses the next wave of productivity improvements at transportation and logistics companies, courtesy of cutting-edge secure mobile messaging technology. “Soprano Design – … Read more

Here are three ways government departments and councils around the world are taking advantage of secure mobile messaging along with bring-your-own-device (BYOD) policies to communicate more quickly and privately, send internal announcements, and allow contractors to work more efficiently. 1. Legislator communications One of our government clients is a state legislature in a large country. … Read more

  Here are three ways companies in the logistics space are taking advantage of modern mobile messaging to lower risk, increase employee productivity, and make internal communications more efficient. 1. Government logistics: Parking meter maintenance A customer of ours who’s a contractor for a local government facilitates over 6,000 parking meters, consisting of “smart” (connected) … Read more

*Content updated in October 2022. According to research, almost 70% of IT decision-makers in US companies approve of BYOD. Most of employees implement Bring-Your-Own-Device for contact management, calendar. But with the rise of mobile messaging apps, how do you protect your data and information from popular consumer apps like WhatsApp, Kik, and Facebook Messenger? Keep reading. … Read more

Our world is changing fast. Today, more of us access the internet on our mobile devices than on PCs or laptops. The need for immediacy has never been greater. While businesses are discovering endless possibilities for mobiles, there are new productivity and security challenges. That’s where Soprano Design comes in. Founded in 1994, Soprano Design … Read more