Take another look at secure enterprise messaging: Introducing SOPRANO GAMMA

SOPRANO GAMMA helps businesses make an orderly transition from SMS to a secure, rich multimedia IP-based messaging experience without sacrificing the reach that only SMS provides.

SOPRANO GAMMA is an award-winning, highly secure mobile messaging solution designed for global business and government productivity. SOPRANO GAMMA is built with tight integration to a proven centralised administration and API-integration platform.

SOPRANO GAMMA recently was named one of Australia’s top three new technologies of 2014 in the Australian iAwards, which recognise and reward the ICT innovations that have the potential to have a positive impact on the community – at home, in the office and on a global scale. The product also has been shortlisted for the UK 2014 Appster award.

Finally, a highly secure and feature-rich IP messaging experience that doesn’t sacrifice the ubiquitous reach and alerting immediacy of traditional SMS.

Securely imagine the future of business mobile messaging with SOPRANO GAMMA.

SOPRANO GAMMA is a breakthrough messaging product informed by our experience with enterprise customer needs and is built with tight integration to our award-winning enterprise messaging platform, which has been stress-tested to deliver performance is in high-volume and high availability environments.

SOPRANO GAMMA’s features include:

  • Secure Mobile Messaging: Highly secure conversations with message content encryption, channel encryption and RSA 2048-bit secure key management. Additional security controls include a PIN-protected app, remote wipe, message expiration (vanishing messages).
  • Global Reach & Compatibility: Rich IP messaging integrated seamlessly with SMS for last-mile coverage and ubiquitous reach
  • Real-Time P2P Messaging for Enterprise: A professional mobile chat and IM experience designed for productivity
  • Multimedia: One-touch audio-clip messaging, multimedia picture messaging and longer messages
  • A2P Broadcast IP Messaging: Large-group messaging that uses IP and SMS seamlessly together
  • Integration: APIs that integrate with existing systems to enable system-triggered automated messages
  • Centralised Admin: Sophisticated cloud-based portal with advanced message routing and message scheduling capabilities
  • Acknowledgement: View sent, delivered and read messages in real time (Ds & Rs)
  • Customisation: Status and profile controls allow mobile users to set availability and presence
  • Auditable: Fully auditable conversations and advanced reporting capabilities

We’re already a global leader in enabling mission-critical mobile messaging solutions to enterprise and business customers.

Learn more or contact us directly to learn more about how to enable SOPRANO GAMMA for P2P and A2P messaging for your business.