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Today we want to talk to you about how you can strategically use mobile Communications to improve patient engagement
Subject: Healthcare
Detail: Beginner
Lenght: 23 Minutes
Author: Soprano Team

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Who is talking in this webinar? 

  • Linda Adams, Field Marketing Team Leader – Soprano Design 
  • Jane White, Product Marketing – Soprano Design 

In this exclusive webinar, Linda Adams and Jane White explain how the healthcare industry can strategically use mobile communications to improve patient engagement. 

Some topics you will learn about: 

  • Why do healthcare organizations need to get patient communications right? 
  • What are today’s patients’ needs in terms of communication to improve engagement? 
  • How are healthcare organizations using mobile messaging? 
  • How to optimize the use of mobile messaging throughout the patient’s journey.
How to improve communication in healthcare with mobile messaging 

According to studies, 80% of patients want to communicate with healthcare providers via their smartphones. Besides, 90% of people want to communicate with doctors via SMS about a loved one’s health. 

“There are communities who only have one device. They are more likely to have a smartphone, and they do not have a PC,” said Jane White. 

“It’s pretty easy to understand why the healthcare industry and the others are focusing their efforts on mobile messaging: mobile is so much more engaging, and the response rates are so much higher than other communication channels.” 

During the webinar, Jane and Linda also speak about two of the most common use cases for mobile messaging in healthcare: 

  • Two-factor authentication: “If you are not using two-factor authentication to get people secure access to their healthcare portal, you are exposed to risk.”
  • SMS for appointment reminders: “It helps to reduce missed appointments and increase revenue by getting more people showing up on time.” 

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