Improving the patient experience in a highly regulated industry

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Discover how organizations can keep patient information private and reduce the time doctors spend managing patient communications. Give time back to doctors, reduce the cost of the time spent calling patients and do it all with privacy and compliance in mind.
Subject: CPaaS Platform, Secure Messaging
Detail: Intermediate
Lenght: 40 Minutes
Author: Mike Gannon

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Who is talking in this webinar? 

  • Jane White, Product Marketing – Soprano Design 

In this healthcare webinar, Jane White, Product Marketing Manager for Soprano Design, explains how secure communications platforms can help healthcare organizations to improve the patient experience while avoiding costly security breaches.

Watch now the webinar to learn:

  • Current State of the Healthcare Industry.
  • Healthcare communication trends.
  • Opportunity Cost of a Slow Communication Chain
  • How to level up your patient experience
  • Case Study: Healthcare Communication
  • Security Consultation

Healthcare communication has been transformed over the years. Nowadays, most organizations rely on the same communication channels to interact with their patients. But by using secure software tools, they can improve their patient experience and save time and money while protecting their data.

Email and phone calls are the two channels most used in healthcare. Emails typically route patients to portals and phone calls. However, both channels are becoming less effective over time. Email open rates are dropping every day, and most people don’t pick up the phone if they don’t recognize the phone number calling them.

In our new webinar, Jane White explains that implementing an omnichannel approach when communicating with patients can be powerful and necessary. But it’s also not enough without focusing on security.

Mobile fraud and cybercrime are getting more complicated, organized, and effective against larger institutions. Every day, we discover many new types of sophisticated data breaches that are unavoidable

According to research, 90% of customer and patient data breaches happened because of compromised login credentials. Therefore, the days of avoiding the typical mobile fraud schemes by relying on education are over. 

If you want to learn how to prevent data breaches and improve your patient experience simultaneously, our new webinar is for you.

Want to learn more about how mobile messaging can help healthcare providers to design better Patient Experiences (CX)? Download our new Healthcare Playbook.

Soprano works with some of the world’s largest Healthcare customers delivering mission-critical messaging worldwide.

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