Soprano at TDWC: How to Improve the Customer Experience through Meaningful Interactions

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In a changing world, communication has become more relevant and has accelerated the CPaaS market. See the Customer Experience messaging challenges in our video from the TDWC 2021
Category: CPaaS
Subject: Digital Transformation
Lenght: 26 Minutes
Author: Morgan Berman

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The pandemic accelerated the implementation of digital transformation projects. In an investigation of the associated  agents of change with COVID19 developed by Cisco, found that 65% of the surveyed organizations implemented projects that they previously considered unnecessary.

Consumer and business behavior has undergone considerable changes. As consumers, we were forced to migrate to a digital world, in the hope that our providers of goods and services would align themselves with these new behaviors. On the other hand, companies, faced with the impossibility of contacting their clients due to confinement and quarantine, had to migrate to a remote relationship based on digital.

Moments of truth, experience and customer loyalty

A PWC study found that in Latin America 49% of people walk away from a brand after a single bad experience (CX); Regarding decision-making, for the Brazilian market, the same study affirms that, for 89% of Brazilians, customer experience is decisive between choosing one option or another. This reveals data in terms of customer experience, indicating that a company does not have many opportunities to offer a meaningful customer experience.

On the other hand, there are the moments of truth. The moments of truth are those in which a consumer has contact with your company where, consciously or unconsciously, evaluates the experience against the attention and the good or service received. The moments of truth can be many and companies may not be sure which ones and how many there are. What are its impacts on the customer experience?

When it comes to loyalty, a customer can be considered a great asset to your company, but a loyal customer represents so much more. A loyal customer is one who is not only willing to stay with you, but is also willing to buy more from you, and is even willing and happy to recommend you to others.

With that in mind, how many benefits do significant moments of truth bring to improve the customer experience and thereby gain greater customer loyalty?


You need to quantify how much a good or bad experience costs. If studies show that in Latin America half of customers are lost to a single bad experience, how much could this be costing your company? You can do the exercise very easily, take the average income, or if you want the gross profit of each customer and multiply it by the number of customers who were lost due to a bad experience. Remember that it is much more expensive to get a new customer than to keep the one you already have.

Here, the invitation is to think about changing the status quo, what can I do to improve the experience of my customers? Am I doing enough to always provide a positive, satisfying, and meaningful experience? Companies that invested in improving their customer experience had a 92% increase in revenue and an 84% increase in customer loyalty.

Now not only think about the money that leaves, but about the money that you do not receive for that customer who is not loyal, that is, in addition to leaving, stop buying and do not recommend it!

It is important that organizations begin to quantify how much it costs them not to take actions to improve the experience of their consumers, therefore, they must worry about enriching the moments of truth with their customers, to improve their experience, increase their loyalty and thus generate greater income.

Mobile communication for the most significant moments of truth

It is important to emphasize that technology is not the final solution, but rather an enabler. The human factor will always have a relevant weight within the CX, but accompanied by technology and automation, it will be much more significant.

There are many ways to improve CX, one of which is through mobile communication. This technology can be applied to make moments of truth more meaningful by providing relevant information or interacting with your consumers wherever they are.

As we mentioned, we have migrated to a more digital world based on mobile devices and that is where the people are, where we are, where their customers are. For example, WhatsApp has a penetration in Brazil of around 95%, that is, its customers are there, why not establish channels of interaction with customers who use this channel to enrich their moments of truth? Are you already doing this? Is it automated?

Today, 85% of people expect their providers of goods and services to interact with them through cellular channels.

The main question is: are you interacting with your customers, your audience, through channels them where they are? Have you considered all the moments of truth and evaluated the possibility of incorporating mobile communication into them?

A necessary ally

We talk about mobile communication, but how do I incorporate it into moments of truth with my clients, my audience?

In a changing world, communication has become more relevant and has accelerated the CPaaS market … but what is a CPaaS? A CPaaS is a cloud-hosted communication solution that organizations can use to engage with their audiences through multiple mobile channels. Organizations can harness the full potential of a CPaaS by integrating it with their IT systems to automate these conversations through mobile channels.

Soprano makes its Communication Platform as a Service – Soprano Connect available to companies, whether private or state-owned.