2018: Another Record Breaking Year for Soprano’s Customers and Partners

Trusted Mobile Interactions

Happy New Year from Soprano!

As we kick off 2019 by setting our goals and ambitions for the year ahead, we are taking a moment to also reflect on the success of our previous year and take stock of how we’ve grown to become one of the leading enterprise messaging providers in the world.

We’d like to take this moment to thank our customers and our partners for helping to make 2018 such a fantastic year for Soprano. Our distinguished and meaningful relationships with customers and partners is one of the primary sources of pride for us here at Soprano, and we are committed to delighting our customers and we work daily to go above and beyond to help our customers and partners achieve their goals.

2018 was a tremendous year! Last year we broke many records and remained a mission-critical element of our customers peak moments during the year, reinforcing that our Mobile Enterprise Messaging Service (MEMS) can be relied upon to send high volumes of messages when it matters the most.

First off, in December 2018 during the holiday season we surpassed the total numbers of text messages sent in a single day in the United States, achieving a staggering 47% increase on the previous year’s record in 2017.

Similar records were also broken in the UK in May at the time the EU’s latest privacy and data protection regulation came into force. Soprano sent millions of additional messages on the day the new GDPR laws came into effect.

Finally, following our latest partnership with Smart in the Philippines in November 2018, we witnessed a surge in text message volume and we expect growth in the Philippines to help us deliver over 1 billion messages in the APAC region alone this year.

The icing on the cake for the year came when we won a NSW Export Award for the fourth consecutive year, demonstrating the global demand for our digital transformation communication services across the globe.

Soprano products are used by leading Global Fortune 500, enterprise and government organisations to get their important messages out efficiently. For example a leading health service sends over 5 million notifications per day and an automotive business sends over 400 million messages per year from the platform.

We look forward to breaking even more records and supporting your digital transformation goals in 2019.