3 Benefits of Text Alerts for Travel & Transportation

Benefits to Travel Text Alerts

Travel disruptions offer nothing but frustration to passengers.

To counteract this, travel companies are proactively sending text alerts to inform passengers of any delays, cancellations or incidents ahead of their trips.

Text messaging has an open rate of 98%, and according to Funmobility a click through rate of 36% which beats email performance averages, so it’s the perfect channel to get critical messages to passengers.

But SMS alerts for customers are not the only messaging solution at a travel company’s disposal.

Here are 3 benefits to using text alerts for the operations of your travel and transportation business.

Internal Safety & Training

How can you keep your employees informed with the most recent training compliance?

Whether it’s how to use new software, how to maintain or fix equipment, or health and safety updates, getting employees to attend and be sufficiently trained can impact operational tasks and efficiency.

SMS can provide ongoing safety and training information to workers and operations teams.

For example, you can identify groups and create templates and send real-time notifications offering invitations to training workshops or request confirmation that they have read an updated piece of legislation. You can also schedule automated reminders if an employee doesn’t respond – highlighting training priorities.

Remote Employee Welfare

The welfare of your employees is crucial, particularly during an incident or under hazardous conditions. With SMS, you can reach your employees wherever they are to verify their status.

For example a team of engineers repairing a damaged train line during the night. These employees have been tasked to work quickly so the train track is operational by the morning.

By utilising automated messaging for employee welfare, your systems can automatically send periodical text messages to the team to check on their safety. Logs can be recorded and tracked within the system and if no response is received then an alert can be escalated to the emergency response team.<./p>

In addition, this makes employees feel valued and safer knowing that help would be despatched and they could be located in case of an incident.

Automate Shift Resourcing

Imagine it’s a Saturday on a busy bus route and one of your drivers calls in unwell.

Traditionally you would pick up the phone and frantically start calling other drivers to see if they can come in when they weren’t scheduled to. After several phone calls, you probably haven’t managed to cover the shift yet and your bus route schedules are already delayed.

The great thing about SMS staffing is that it’s direct and 99% of them are read.

Sending an alert to an entire list of back-up employees at once is a better way to fill an available shift. The whole business process workflow can be automated and the shift rewarded to the first person that responds.

SMS staffing saves you time from having to source the candidate manually.

Faster Communications

The transportation industry is already benefiting faster communications with mobile messaging.

Understanding how SMS can improve the operations of a travel company, we developed a suite of mobile messaging solutions to help you reach your key stakeholders in the fastest way possible.

It’s important to be fully equipped when it comes to business continuity. Take a look at our products to discover how mobile messaging can help you to become more efficient.