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What Is RCS Messaging All About?

What Is Rcs Messaging

We all love to communicate, but who would have thought that messaging would one day become the communication method of choice for the vast majority of us?

Research shows that most people today prefer to use messages, instead of phone calls or written letters. Trillions of SMS texts are sent around the world each year. However, SMS messages lack the rich media functionality and chat capability of consumer apps like WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, Viber, WeChat, Skype or iMessage.

This is where Rich Communication Services (RCS) comes in – the next generation of SMS messaging.

RCS provides the rich message experience that modern consumers have come to expect, from a service that, like SMS messaging, is native to your inbox and not provided by an external app.

Soprano Design’s Product Consultant, Mike Gannon has written an article explaining RCS, how it works and how it will revolutionise customer communication.