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Soprano Design’s CEO and our new product SOPRANO GAMMA were featured in the November 5 issue of CommsDay. If you’re not already familiar with CommsDay, it’s Australia and New Zealand’s most respected source of daily telecom industry news and commentary. In the article, CommsDay describes the accelerating market for enterprise messaging and how Soprano is … Read more

*This post was updated in May 22. How does two-factor authentication work? Two-factor authentication, also commonly referred to as two-step verification, requires an online account holder to present two separate passwords before being allowed to log in to their account. The first password is the user’s primary account password. The second password is sent to … Read more

This post is the first in our new series on digital security and two-factor authentication. No one likes to think that their systems and networks are vulnerable to attack. In fact, it’s sometimes easier to pretend the opposite. But given the potential consequences of an attack—bad PR, lost revenue, crippled systems, angry customers—it’s worth facing … Read more

Soprano Design has acquired SITmobile — the leading Spanish and South American provider of mobile messaging solutions — to form the largest business of its kind in the world. SITmobile is the leading Spanish and South American service provider of enterprise mobile messaging solutions. SITmobile provides push strategies to meet marketing needs, optimize communication processes, … Read more

SOPRANO GAMMA helps businesses make an orderly transition from SMS to a secure, rich multimedia IP-based messaging experience without sacrificing the reach that only SMS provides. SOPRANO GAMMA is an award-winning, highly secure mobile messaging solution designed for global business and government productivity. SOPRANO GAMMA is built with tight integration to a proven centralised administration … Read more

This month the world was made aware of the Heartbleed Bug, a vulnerability in OpenSSL that could allow unauthenticated attackers to discover and steal private keys, passwords, session details and data held in memory. Even though a solution was introduced about the same time as the public announcement, and even though many websites have moved … Read more