2020 Predictions: The Rise Of Meaningful Communication Infographic

Discover what's next for today's digitally enabled workforce

Soprano Design’s Global Product and Marketing Vice President, Matt Thompson recently discussed some of the biggest tech predictions of 2020 in an article released by CFO Tech Australia.

Discover what’s next for today’s digitally enabled workforce in our infographic which illustrates Matt Thompson’s 5 big predictions for tech in 2020.

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Automated, bulk voice calls: A step forward in customer interaction

Consumers demand bidirectional interaction with their suppliers on multiple channels. Communication usually begins with the consumer, but you can also generate significant interactions in the opposite direction. Voice messaging is an innovative, direct, personalized and efficient channel being used by more and more businesses. Voice messaging can be used as an alternative to email or … Read more

10 Reasons Why Your Business Should Be Using Omnichannel

An omnichannel communications platform is a multi-channel approach to marketing, selling and serving customers in a way that creates an integrated and solid customer experience. It ensures no matter how, where or when a customer reaches out, you’re available.   There are so many benefits of moving towards an omnichannel approach and we’ve chosen our … Read more

Omnichannel Platform Set To Boost Business Success

Whether in work or play mode, technology is becoming more integrated into our everyday lives. Our shopping, working and researching habits are constantly adapting as new technology is discovered and developed. How many accounts do you sign into each day? Counting social media, sales and marketing platforms and apps to manage your workload, I guess … Read more

Two Way Messaging Reduces Missed Medical Appointments

The strain of missed medical appointments is echoed worldwide. Patient no-shows lead to delays in treatment, longer wait times for appointments for other patients and astronomical costs for medical practices. In fact, in January 2019 NHS England reported that 15 million GP appointments are missed annually, which likely wastes over £200 million each year. If … Read more

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