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After reading this article, you will wonder why you didn’t start using automated voice messaging to interact with your customers sooner. Because voice messaging use cases are not only engaging and effective, but they also involve low dev-time for your company.   Our LATAM Field Marketing Manager, Juan Pablo Salazar, has already talked about what is … Read more

Throughout history, businesses have found new creative and innovative ways to detect people interested in their products or services. Thanks to technology, we now have a powerful method that helps companies with that mission easily and effectively: learn about chatbots, your perfect tool for lead generation. Technology has changed our lives. And it continues doing … Read more

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According to the Cambridge Dictionary, innovation is a “new idea or method, or the use of new ideas and methods.” The truth is that innovation it’s so important in our daily lives that it goes well beyond that simple definition.   Innovation is essential in all aspects of human development. It can provide new momentum for … Read more

Technology changes our lives so fast that sometimes we don’t realize that many of those fantasies we had years ago about the future are now a reality. Could you ever imagine having coherent conversations with a robot? Thanks to advances in Artificial Intelligence, chatbots are already part of our daily lives. The benefits of chatbots … Read more

Think about two brands that you like so much that you usually recommend them to your friends. Undoubtedly, they have things in common. Maybe, it’s their real-time customer support, their easy and intuitive buying process, or products/services that always meet your expectations. Well, what they have in common is a good Customer Experience. Nowadays, providing … Read more

We don’t have to keep a secret anymore! We have a renewed brand vision and a vibrant new look and feel. We love it! We can feel the renewed energy within Soprano, and we’ve honestly had a blast working on this.   This comes at the best possible time for us. We’ve just announced the addition … Read more

Soprano’s renewed mission and promise is to help customers unlock the 80% of the possible CPaaS use cases today that remain undiscovered.

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