The pandemic exposed the need for improving communication in the healthcare industry. While people have more demands and expectations, changing how we design

Threat actors are increasingly targeting enterprises and exploiting vulnerabilities to gain access to sensitive information and systems. As more businesses choose mobile communication

Your customers and employees have crucial information on their smartphones. Therefore, a scam such as SIM swapping can have costly consequences not only

SMS fraud prevention should be one of the top priorities for large enterprises and governments. As fraudsters become more organized and effective, more

We’re living in an unprecedented age where many of today’s technological conventions feel like something out of a Sci-Fi movie. Our realm of

SMS is the top communication channel for consumers. Organizations worldwide use it to interact and engage with their audiences. But while it’s gaining

As its name implies, my job as Communications Manager at Soprano involves a lot of communication! My role is all about sharing Soprano’s

Capturing your customer’s attention can be challenging. With so many competitors, you need to do more than deliver good products. Here are five

Doctors spend 3-4 hours daily in the EHR systems. Most healthcare organizations believe this is the only way to maintain privacy and communicate

We are excited to share we have expanded the scope of our ISO 27001 certification to continue selfguarding our customers’ data. In addition