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Customer Communication: Making Your Virtual Engagement Count

Effective engagement drives an emotional connection between a business, its customers and its employees – all of which leads to greater business success. Highly engaged employees contribute to better customer service, which is an important component of customer engagement. In turn, customers who are highly engaged with a brand buy more of their product, promote … Read more

What Is Voice Broadcast Messaging & What Is it Used for?

Voice Broadcasting Image

Voice Broadcast Messaging (or VBM), in its simplest form, has been around since the ‘80s. But with the recent renewed interest in voice technology, VBM is coming back into the spotlight. So, what exactly is it – and how is it helping the companies who use it in their communications? Voice Broadcasting Messaging, put simply, is the ability to deliver messages using automated voice calls.

Soprano Design’s Field Marketing Manager for LATAM, Juan Pablo Salazar explains what voice broadcast messaging is and how businesses are currently using it for it our latest learn article.

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Using Mobile Messaging to Supercharge Your Inbound Marketing Strategy

Modern consumers are bombarded with marketing emails and receive countless non-targeted messages from retailers and brands. Mobile messaging cuts through the noise to better engage customers by sending personalized, relevant information and providing more appealing and engaging customer experiences. Mobile messaging is an effective tool for delivering the type of content and user experience that … Read more

How Mobile Technologies Are Reshaping the Future

Mobile technology is drastically reshaping business strategy as more companies realise the potential of a mobile-first approach. Today’s leading businesses are leveraging mobile technology to connect employees, vendors, partners, data, and products, as well as interact with customers on the move. Soprano Design’s US Channel Sales Director, Asmara Hadi has written an article discussing how … Read more

Mobile and the Future of Customer Experience

For online-only businesses and those that have an omnichannel approach, it’s more critical than ever to deliver the best possible customer experience (CX) on mobile. Soprano Design’s Senior VP of Sales in APAC, Robin Ng has written an article explaining how businesses can create seamless mobile experiences for their customers and how to measure the … Read more

The Importance of an Integrated Marketing Strategy

Integrated marketing is an approach to create a seamless, end-to-end experience across different marketing channels. Each of these channels works in tandem to connect with customers at every touchpoint and tell a cohesive brand story. Soprano Design’s Field Marketing Manager for APAC, Bo Yi Tay has written an article discussing why creating an integrated marketing … Read more

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