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Statistics say that Google process over 63.000 searches per second. That’s approximately 5.600 billion searches daily. Do you think that having a Google Business Profile is enough? Of course not. But with Google Business Messages API is entirely different. There, you can support, chat, and sell directly to customers and prospects who are looking for … Read more

The banking industry is undergoing a complete transformation. While financial customers move online and more digital-only competitors appear on the scene, traditional banks are focusing all their efforts on adopting new technologies to deliver a great customer experience. IVR helps to meet all that challenges. Ready to learn more about IVR in banking? Keep reading. … Read more

Do you remember when you make your first phone call? I’m sure it was a moment that marked your life: a before and an after. Communication is evolving so fast that it seems like centuries have passed since the creation of the telephone or the Internet. Now, conversational AI is part of our daily lives … Read more

Most businesses choose Email to communicate with their customers, but sometimes it’s not enough. The truth is that Email is so integrated into business communication that it is not going to be replaced soon. In the meantime, customers’ expectations are changing fast: 75% of people want to receive SMS from brands. So, what’s the solution? … Read more

Every June for the past 50 years, we celebrate #PrideMonth to reflect and spread to the world the importance of equality for all people around the globe. Pride Month is a time to consider the enormous progress we (and the world more generally) have made for LGBTQIA+ rights. But while many societies and companies have … Read more

WhatsApp for customer service has become a must-have for companies of all sizes and industries. With more than 2 billion active users, it is an excellent mobile channel to boost customer satisfaction and improve sales. The world is changing so fast that many ways businesses used to communicate with their customers are not working anymore. … Read more

Digital transformation it’s not a new term for the healthcare industry. But during the pandemic, unique challenges emerged to solve new patients’ needs that are here to stay. Healthcare providers who don’t leverage technology to improve patient experience and processes will lag far behind those who do. In the last few decades, some hospitals and … Read more

There’s no doubt that SMS is still the ruler of an effective marketing strategy. But since RCS have appeared on the way, we all know that it’s not far behind. Why RCS for business communication? Find the answer in this article. Since the Global System for Mobile Association (GSMA) launched RCS in 2008, it has … Read more

After reading this article, you will wonder why you didn’t start using automated voice messaging to interact with your customers sooner. Because voice messaging use cases are not only engaging and effective, but they also involve low dev-time for your company.   Our LATAM Field Marketing Manager, Juan Pablo Salazar, has already talked about what is … Read more

Throughout history, businesses have found new creative and innovative ways to detect people interested in their products or services. Thanks to technology, we now have a powerful method that helps companies with that mission easily and effectively: learn about chatbots, your perfect tool for lead generation. Technology has changed our lives. And it continues doing … Read more