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SOPRANO GAMMA is administered through the award-winning SOPRANO Mobile Enterprise Messaging Suite (MEMS) platform, a proven, sophisticated enterprise messaging system portal that delivers a highly customizable, hierarchical administrative experience with quick access to broadcast notification features, setup tools, and advanced reporting functions.

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Sustain Mission-Critical Performance

SOPRANO GAMMA is built on a geo-redundant software platform that delivers over 50 million mission-critical mobile messages a month for dozens of Global Fortune 1000 enterprises. The low-latency, high-availability solution is backed by 24x7x365 technical support.

Acknowledgement of Sent, Delivered, & Read Messages

Get a sophisticated view of mobile message delivery acknowledgement at each stage. At a glance, mobile users can view whether their messages have been sent, delivered, or if they have been read. The centralised admin portal also captures whether broadcast mobile messages are opened and acknowledged.

Broadcast IP Text Messaging and One-to-Many Mobile Alerts

A centralised administrative portal enables large group broadcasts, alerting, and automation. Integration APIs extend the full SOPRANO GAMMA experience to existing business mobile applications, including mobile encryption, broadcast images and audio clips, integrated IP + SMS messaging fallback, and sophisticated reply routing and scheduling.

Popular API Integrations

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GAMMA Secure Messaging Features

Collaborative Team Messaging

Advanced App Encryption

Data audits and message log reporting

Admin controls & Reporting

Embedded Mobile Workflows

Pin-protected Application

Vanishing messages & Remote Wipe

API System Integration & Automation