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SMS Messaging for Mobile Engagement

Use a proven CPaaS platform to engage your mobile community with SMS messaging

Use a Proven Communications Platform as a Service

Our robust SMS capability is paired with a Trusted Mobile Interactions Suite


SMS is one of the most effective communication channels for improving text messaging interactions with customers and employees. From any web browser or mobile device, you can engage a large list or group of recipients using broadcast two-way SMS messages.


Manage and control your SMS messaging campaigns with the sophisticated administrative options and easy management of lists, consent and processing, which will allow you to maximise the outcome.


You can determine user permissions and campaign reports through our cloud platform administration portal. Get information in real time about your SMS text messaging campaigns, assign message fees to specific cost centers, and schedule automatic reports to help you evaluate the success of your campaigns.

SMS Features and Capabilities

  • Send up to 1 million SMS interactions per campaign
  • Use multiple sources as recipients of SMS campaign (lists, groups, contacts, copy and paste)
  • Send SMS interactions with personalised content
  • Apply filters to recipients based on white lists and / or blacklists
  • Process SMS responses through Basic Bot based on keywords
  • Schedule SMS campaigns for single or recurring sending with a time limit 
  • Store campaigns for later launch, use as a template or delete
  • Generate graphic reports in real time during SMS campaign execution
  • Pause, cancel and resume controls for SMS interaction campaigns
  • Send SMS campaigns segmented by number of records and time interval
  • Create recipient lists with multiple variables and include those variables as part of the SMS campaign report

No-Code SMS Solutions – Ready to Deploy

Get started immediately with our pre-built SMS solutions and applications


Management and logic to generate temporary SMS passwords that can be used for 2nd-factor authentication (2fa). Authenticator is a ready-to-use solution and is easily integrated into the customer e-commerce application or remote access infrastructure.

Interactive SMS Messaging

Extend the use of SMS as an interaction channel by embedding a URL into the content of an SMS that will redirect the recipient to a microsite to obtain extended and even personalised information.

Inbound SMS Bots

Provide operational logic that enables inbound SMS messages to automatically trigger decision tree logic and pre-defined actions based on keywords, with storage capacity based on the options provided.

RapidAlert for SMS Incident Management

Use SMS for business continuity to notify recipients during an emergency. Deploy  this  rapid response tool with pre-defined groups, templates and lists to enable you to respond quickly. Perform complete lifecycle management of emergency situations and maintain business continuity for your employees during critical events.

Staff Safety using SMS

Enable communication with field staff using SMS for the prevention and attention of critical situations that require health and safety validation in work situations.


Use an SMS application for personnel and shift management to contact a pool of available workers staff with an automated SMS interaction and confirm their availability to work or elect not to participate.

Leverage the full power of SMS using APIs for system enhancement

Integrate SMS into your IT systems with our platform. We provide a wide range of programmable low-code APIs and no-code protocols, so that your organisation can achieve SMS integration quickly. Create various value-added services for customers and employees by integrating APIs with existing software. Protocols REST, HTTPS, SMPP, SMTP, and WSDL.

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