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You can probably think of five or 10 different workflows used in your own organisation off the top of your head. But when you start detailing the steps in each one, it’s easy to get tangled up where roles and processes overlap. You can make each workflow easier to improve by diagramming it in a … Read more

According to a 2012 Medscape/WebMD survey, “33% of doctors spend over 10 hours a week on paperwork and administration.” That’s time you’re not spending with patients. Paperwork isn’t the only place doctors, nurses, and other healthcare employees are inefficient. Effective communication in healthcare seems to be eluding us. Just three common healthcare workflows cost hospitals … Read more

Distribution centers are losing nearly 3,000 hours a year on inefficient workflows. The same problems are costing $275-575K a year just in document workflow inefficiencies, and there are more than enough problems in hospitals. Just three common workflows are costing each medical facility $1.7 million a year in inefficiencies. We use workflows in every industry … Read more

We’re talking enterprise messaging security this week over at Computerworld.  Soprano Design is noticing a strange trend as he discusses BYOD security with CIOs: Despite the rapid increase of security breaches at companies of all sizes all over the world, they’re not concerned. “While moderating a CIO workshop recently, it was surprising to hear the … Read more

We’ve just released SOPRANO GAMMA 2.0, the next generation of our award-winning, encrypted enterprise mobile messenger. The 2.0 release incorporates a couple of really exciting new capabilities: enhanced group chat and interactive messaging. Group messaging is a must-have feature for any enterprise mobile messaging app. With group chat, GAMMA users can mute conversations and monitor … Read more

The recent Sony Pictures data breach, in which hackers stole massive amounts of employee and corporate information, may be getting the limelight, but it’s not the only one — or even the latest in a long string of data thefts, hacks and breaches. Last month, Morgan Stanley experienced its own startling data breach: “Last summer, … Read more

We’re pretty excited to announce that we just won an Appsters award! Our secure mobile enterprise messaging app SOPRANO GAMMA was awarded Best Enterprise App for Europe in 2014. “The Appster awards held annually is a must-attend for the who’s who in the world of apps. The award winners are decided by a judging panel … Read more

SOPRANO GAMMA helps businesses make an orderly transition from SMS to a secure, rich multimedia IP-based messaging experience without sacrificing the reach that only SMS provides. SOPRANO GAMMA is an award-winning, highly secure mobile messaging solution designed for global business and government productivity. SOPRANO GAMMA is built with tight integration to a proven centralised administration … Read more