How Communications Platform as a Service helps companies change

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CPaaS Mobile Communications have had a huge impact on how organisations engage with their customers during times of crisis and day-to-day business. Watch this video interview with Soprano Design’s Founder and CEO Richard Favero was recently interviewed by Andrew Birmingham at Which-50 Media.
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We all know today’s world can often be chaotic and unpredictable, with natural disasters, crises and disruptions occurring globally. Like many countries, Australia has been hit hard with a succession of flood, fire and Covid-19, all impacting organisations and their ability to effectively and efficiently communicate with employees, customers and citizens.

Many organisations around the world unexpectedly found themselves ill equipped to rapidly respond to these changing conditions and the shift to an increasingly online environment. On top of this, for most companies the urgency to ensure messages were reaching and engaging their audience became an even more critical priority.  

How did organisations solve the need for elevated communications and engagement?

During this time of uncertainty, many businesses turned to Communications Platform as a Service (CPaaS) as a solution. Richard Favero from CPaaS provider Soprano Design helps us to understand this shift and explains the technology behind the CPaaS trend that is enabling more effective communication and engagement. 

Richard explains what he’s seen unfold working with clients in response to recent conditions. “It’s been really fascinating to watch people change their behaviour. They’re having to deal with so many new activities and changes all in such a short period of time”. Many organisations have staff working from home, customers still wanting their products delivered, and suppliers needing services to their businesses. Effective communication underpins the success of overcoming many of these challenges, connecting employees, customers’ and supply chains and enabling business continuity.

What have been some of the biggest challenges in recent times?

Dealing with digital transformation in such a short period of time has been the primary challenge recognised. Richard observed many businesses in various stages of that journey and by implementing Soprano Connect CPaaS technology was able to either help accelerate their mobile communications projects or quickly deploy new solutions that integrated easily with existing business systems and frameworks. “The automation of those frameworks, so you don’t need to track everything, is where we’ve seen our customers really launch forward and take advantage of the environment they’re operating in”.

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