How is the Communication Platform as a Service Market Evolving?

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Which-50 reporter Andrew Birmingham recently interviewed Soprano Design’s Founder and CEO Richard Favero for market updates on the rapid growth of the Communications Services as a Platform CPaaS industry and how the technology is transforming customer engagement.
Category: CPaaS
Subject: Omnichannel
Detail: Intermediate
Lenght: 2 Minutes
Author: Richard Favero

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The growth of mobile communications, messaging apps and digital communications continues to grow in response to customer demand for flexibility of choice and their preferred methods of engagement. Communicating across ever increasing and converging channels is essential. This trend has accelerated the rise of Communications Platform as a Service (CPaaS) as a way of providing an omni-channel customer experience. Richard Favero from CPaaS specialist company Soprano Design casts some light on how he sees the market continuing to evolve.

The CPaaS market is an evolution that has been around for more than 20+ years, and Soprano Design has been servicing their many government and large enterprise customers since it’s inception. Richard explains how this evolution has just become part of the fabric of what they do “The evolution is really about reaching more people through more channels, with more applications that provide a top-to-toe implementation for organisations, for their leaders, adding more value and meaning to their interactions that they’re having, so they can make better decisions about how they communicate with their people”.

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