5 Tips to Improve Your eCommerce Marketing Strategies

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Capturing your customer’s attention can be challenging. With so many competitors, you need to do more than deliver good products. Here are five tips to improve your eCommerce marketing strategies and boost sales.

During a marketing strategy, your eCommerce metrics should go up. That means more visitors searching for your products and asking questions. On special days like Black Friday o Cyber Monday, your online store can collapse of visitors.

In this article, we are not going to talk about the basics of digital marketing, such as optimizing landing pages, focusing on content marketing or being present on social media platforms. We’ll step further.

Tips to improve your eCommerce marketing strategies

One of the fundamental steps most retail businesses need to remember is optimising their communications to make the purchase process more accessible. By adding new communication channels, you can be 100% available to solve your visitors’ doubts, reinforce their intention to buy, and convert them into loyal customers.

Trust on chatbots

Chatbots should be your perfect ally for your online marketing strategies. Businesses are already using them not only to improve their customer support but also for sales and marketing. In fact, 41% of companies use chatbots for sales.

Internet marketing strategies usually generate more visitors and customer enquiries. Adding AI chatbots allows you to have automated conversations with your potential customers and help them find the products they are looking for.

If your visitors need help deciding what to buy, chatbots can educate them and make personalized recommendations.

Plus, customers love real-time support. If sometimes it’s difficult for you to answer all of them on time, you can avoid repetitive tasks by using chatbots for common questions about shipping, returns, and orders.

It’s a win-win.

Work to reduce your abandoned cart rates

Abandoned cart rates are huge opportunities for boosting your eCommerce marketing strategies. You know who of your visitors were almost to buy your products. They were so close… Why are you not trying to convince them?

People abandon their shopping carts for many reasons. It can be because of a difficult purchase process, limited payment options, or because they need convincing.

Whatever the reason, you should invite them again to buy. RCS can be a perfect channel to reduce your cart abandonment rate. When they return to your site, you could send them an RCS message with the option to continue with the purchase.

If you succeed, you can send them again a short survey to obtain valuable feedback and improve your processes.

You can combine RCS with other technics to convince them to stay, such as using pop-ups to capture their attention or sending personalized offers via email – we’ll explain more about it in the next point.

Send personalized emails

According to Litmus, email drives an ROI of $36 for every dollar spent, higher than any other channel.

But your customers’ inbox is probably full of marketing emails. To capture their attention, you should send personalized bulk emails that convey a sense of personal connection.

There are some tips to achieve that:

  • Always address them by their preferred name.
  • You can track their preferences and the items they interacted with to send them personalized offers.
  • Give a name and face to the employee who sends the emails.

You can also use email marketing to generate a sense of urgency, which is crucial to improve sales. You can identify the products your visitors are more interested in and send emails saying, “Don’t miss this opportunity! Last 3 in stock!”.

If you combine email with SMS, your results will be even better. SMS has a lot of use cases for retail that allow you to communicate with different target audiences.

Remember to follow-up

One of the main objectives of your marketing strategies should be to gain loyal customers. They will be the ones to choose your over time and recommend your brand to others.

The best way to improve customer loyalty is by providing a great customer experience. Yes, selling is fantastic. But if you forget about your customers after they make a purchase, they’ll probably not choose you again.

There are many ways to follow up with customers. You can send a thank-you email, send an SMS with a quick survey, or let them know that you are available for them via their preferred channels, like WhatsApp.

What you do after each purchase can make the difference between a good retail customer experience and a poor one.

Provide an omnichannel experience

If you don’t know what omnichannel marketing is, I recommend you start reading about it right now.

There are many communication channels, and people don’t use just one. According to Zendesk, 95% of customers use three or more channels in just one interaction with a brand.

It would be best to interact with them consistently across all channels they use. It could be WhatsApp, SMS, or Email. This will allow you to better segment, reach more people, and improve loyalty.

But what is the best way to integrate all these communication channels in your eCommerce marketing strategies?

Keep reading…

A Communication platform improves your eCommerce marketing strategies

Communicating with your audiences through different channels shouldn’t be challenging for your business. Retailers are already using communication platforms to coordinate all their mobile channels from one place. Yes, it’s as easy as it seems to be.

You have two options to start using it. The first one is to use a cloud-based communication platform, such as Soprano CPaaS, which allows you to send interactions to your customers through different channels from a single dashboard.

With a cloud-based communication platform, you don’t need to invest in development or training your staff.

The second option is using our communication APIs, special for brands that want to use their existing CRM or IT systems. Our APIs are low-code and no-code, which means they are easy to implement and use.

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