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Build Meaningful Connections with Interactive Messaging

Benefits of Interactive Messaging

It’s a competitive world out there. To remain at the front, businesses are utilising multi-channel approaches for their messaging campaigns. Whether it’s email, social media or mobile, the main challenge is to cut through the noise to engage people and ensure your message is heard.

Now more than ever it’s important to build trusted relationships with your key stakeholders. Whether it’s to customers or employees, how you communicate defines how you will improve both customer loyalty and employee engagement.

And competition is set to become even fiercer as companies seek to become fully digital to gain the competitive advantage. 87% of companies across the world are looking to invest in digital technologies to transform their business.

But why are digital channels taking front and centre stage? That’s because it has already proven itself as a successful medium to:

  • Improve customer relationships
  • Increase employee productivity
  • Reduce business costs
  • Drive revenue gains

So what is the most cost effective way for your business to cut through the noise and form more meaningful connections with your audience?

Step Forward Interactive Mobile Messaging

Interactive Messaging

Mobile messaging isn’t a new phenomenon. SMS has time and time again proven itself as a cost-effective channel that benefits from high visibility rates. The problem is that plain text messaging lacks the key interactive features to drive deeper customer engagement.

That’s where Soprano Design’s Interactive Messaging comes into play. It’s a faster multimedia communication solution that enables you to create and brand interactive mobile enabled forms to enhance the user’s experience to build trust, increase loyalty and encourage engagement.

This richer form of interactive mobile communication helps you to improve interactions with your customers, employees and key stakeholders. It’s also a quick win for many businesses due to its ability to seamlessly integrate with your existing IT systems to allow for a simple set-up.

Enhanced Mobile Messaging

Soprano’s Interactive Messaging platform provides the ability to create, edit and design engaging rich HTML5 forms using a drag and drop web editor. You don’t need to understand how to code to build these web pages – and you can have a campaign live in just a few minutes.

Businesses use Soprano Interactive Messaging to:

  • Demonstrate your commitment to improving your products and services with interactive opinion surveys
  • Improve loyal customer experiences by providing relevant offers
  • Provide better working conditions for your employees through satisfaction polls
  • Ensure appointments aren’t missed by allowing users to schedule appointments from their phones

This enhanced experience is delivered using interactive mobile messaging. Each of us are permanently connected to our mobiles meaning mobile messaging can reach people wherever they are. It’s this ubiquity that gives mobile messaging a 5 times higher response rate than email.


Create rich, engaging and versatile message and forms to gather leads and receive feedback in a matter of seconds using Soprano Design Interactive Messaging.


Develop a richer conversation with your customers, employees and key stakeholders and integrate with your existing CRM and IT system to form part of an omni-channel campaign.


Once your campaign is live you can instantly see engagement results using the online reporting platform.

Benefit from Interactive Communications

Interactive communications enable you to create and build personal and closer relationships with customers, employees and key stakeholders.

Benefit from:

  • Increased trust and loyalty from a more engaging user experience
  • Faster response times than any other communication channel
  • The ease of use – create attractive forms with zero coding experience
  • Immediate insights from online engagement reports

It’s time to start providing a better mobile experience through more meaningful interactions. From collecting opt-in consent for a newsletter to a customer service feedback survey – the possibilities are endless with Soprano Design Interactive Messaging.

About Jamie Armstrong

Jamie Armstrong is the EMEA Field Marketing Manager at Soprano Design, he has been working in the company since September 2016 and he is based in Barcelona, Spain. Jamie is a strategic thinker and an evangelist for innovative marketing strategies. Do you want to read more articles by Jamie? Click below or visit his LinkedIn page.