Can Integrated Messaging Streamline Your Logistics Operations?

Streamline Operations with Integrated Messaging

To remain competitive, logistics firms are looking for a 20% increase in efficiency.

However 75%* of supply chain businesses still haven’t realised that integrated messaging has the power to give them the competitive advantage.

In an industry where time equals money, around 3,000 hours are lost each year due to inefficient workflows and communication methods. This is mainly because time cumbersome phone calls and emails are used to relay critical communications.

Integrating mobile messaging provides an opportunity for logistics to improve operational efficiency, lower operating costs and enhance employee welfare.

Here are 3 ways that your transport business can integrate mobile messaging into daily business functions to improve productivity and help you avoid missing those deadlines.

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Logistics Alert System

Speed and reach is crucial when sending time sensitive alerts to your workforce – which is where mobile messaging adds value.

By integrating messaging into your logistics operations, you can:

  • Communicate quickly to the relevant people when there is a delay or change in a schedule or route.
  • Provide new information to drivers whilst they are in transit, such as new points of contact or specific delivery instructions.
  • Send automated details of new orders and updates direct from your logistics systems.

Mobile messages are short and instantaneous, making them easy to read and respond to in critical situations. Reduce the amount of frustration felt by drivers and lowers the chance of missed deadlines, by using a logistics alert system to communicate critical incidents.

Mobile Workforce Management

Mobile messaging can be used to improve employee communications, manage the welfare of remote employees and increase employee satisfaction.

Employee engagement strategies can be streamlined by integrating mobile messaging into training and operational processes, in which you can:

  • Send company-wide announcements informing employees of new operating processes.
  • Eliminate the inefficiency, expense, and interruption to contact field staff manually for status updates. Allow employees to verify their safety with the click of a single button.
  • Enable remote workers to accept flexible shift offers and manage timesheets via mobile.

An informed workforce is a productive workforce. Ensure your field workers feel connected and have the necessary tools to perform their tasks efficiently by integrating enterprise mobile messaging solutions.

Shipment Tracking

When a shipment reaches its destination, automatic messages can be triggered and send to your logistics operating system to confirm that the job is complete.

Having real-time knowledge of where shipments are located can help a logistics firm to be more flexible:

  • Allow drivers to provide additional information about the delivery to keep key stakeholders informed.
  • Re-route drivers that are approaching a hazard and direct them towards the most efficient alternative route.
  • Receive notifications when a shipment deviates from its planned route which triggers an alert to contact the driver.

By keeping your finger on the pulse and fostering immediate and automatic messages between drivers and logistics systems enables your business to react to situations and adjust accordingly to meet delivery deadlines.

Integrating Mobile Messaging into Logistics

Mobile messaging is a proven channel to improve operational efficiency in logistics.

But how can you integrate messaging into your business?

Take our enterprise mobile messaging software, MEMS and GAMMA, for example. They deliver everything logistic operations needs for external customers and internal employees communications such as shipping notifications, corporate broadcasts, emergency communications, safety checks, and inventory triggers.

Having the experience in successful integration with almost every logistics IT systems like SAP, Avance, Fleetmatics, and many others – it’s easy to integrate Soprano’s smarter enterprise communications into your logistics business.

Gain the competitive advantage by automating your manual workflows and business processes.

*IDC InfoBrief: Exploring the Impact of Mobile Messaging in the Transportation and Logistics Industry