Soprano in Logistics Magazine: Secure Mobile Messaging Delivers Productivity Outcomes

secure mobile messaging for logistics and transportation

Soprano’s role in providing secure mobile messaging to the logistics and transportation industries landed us a feature article in Logistics & Materials Handling Magazine, Australia’s leading logistics and supply chain website.

The article discusses the next wave of productivity improvements at transportation and logistics companies, courtesy of cutting-edge secure mobile messaging technology.

“Soprano Design – one of the world’s leading developers of secure enterprise workflow messaging – reports the transport and logistics sector as a key adopter of secure mobile technologies, enabling them to increase their operational capacity, lessen risks and save significant time and money across the chain.

Soprano Design said secure messaging is a significant game-changer for the logistics and supply chain sector as hacking and IP theft become more prevalent.

‘We know from a number of our international clients that the sector is always under pressure to improve operations and remove costs caused by inefficient work place practices and at the same time reduce risk,’ the company said.

Secure workflow messaging means freight carriers can use a secure texting environment to automate, simplify and speed up tasks. It’s significantly quicker and more secure than emailing, and far more flexible and versatile than legacy paging and text alerting systems.”

Even logistics companies who don’t necessarily need a high level of security are discovering that mobile apps like Soprano GAMMA have benefits beyond securing internal communications.

“The company said the flexibility of secure enterprise workflow messaging – which is deployed as an app on a person’s mobile – means businesses can automate processes to best address their own challenges.”

These workflows are the processes that employees use every day to complete their tasks, and were previously completed manually or on paper — more slowly and at risk of losing or failing to pass on information. Tracking and performing these workflows using employees’ company-issues or bring-your-own-device (BYOD) mobile phones is showing significant savings for the companies taking advantage of the increasingly-accessible and affordable tech.

We recently discussed three use cases for secure mobile messaging that our customers in the logistics and transportation sectors are using today, including parcel delivery, retail sales force automation, and government parking meter maintenance.

Take a look at these interesting use cases, or find out more about how to communicate more quickly and privately with secure mobile messaging and Soprano GAMMA.